Zero trends are back: trendy features of the heroines of the series “Charmed”


The series “Charmed” was a resounding success on the screens for 8 seasons. In 2022, you don’t need magical powers to dress in style like the Halliwell sisters – thin shoulder straps, open bellies and flared jeans are at the height of fashion.

Linen style

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Flowing silk, thin spaghetti straps, simplicity of lines are the hallmarks of slip dresses. If you want a romantic look, wear strappy sandals or pumps with stilettos, and do not forget about curls.

Brutal sweaters and oversized hoodies do not give up their positions, so they can be safely worn over dresses.

Crop Tops

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Cropped tops have been trending for a few years now. Many girls like to show off their abs like Phoebe did. Fashion for a low waist, by the way, is back. So choose jeans and low-rise cargo pants.

Stylists suggest wearing a knitted crop top over a basic T-shirt or dress.

Flared trousers

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Flared trousers and jeans, insanely popular in the 2000s, are back in trend. The nostalgic model is now worn with anything: knitted tops, a tuxedo, an “eternal” white T-shirt. The combination of extended legs and extended sleeves looks especially advantageous.

Total black

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Black is not just for witches. The main magic secret is the right accessories. Combine a satin or knitted dress with a biker jacket and sneakers. Ready! You can go to the office, and to a party, and fight demons.

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