With black caviar or in the form of a coil: blogger Maria Lobanova talks about where to try unusual pancakes in Moscow. BEAUTYHACK

The most unusual offers and new tastes of the capital’s Shrovetide can be found in the review of gastronomic observer Maria Lobanova (t.me/foodandthecity).

The Greeks

Address: Neglinnaya st., 15

The Greeks celebrate the Greek version of Maslenitsa – Apokries. And they do it in a sparing mode for the waist – during breakfast, from ten to two. Chef Nikita Brekhov traditionally starts the menu with an impressive portion of meat, as it should be on the holiday of Tsiknopemti (meat Thursday), this is moussaka with minced beef and lamb and marinated eggplant, wrapped in a thin ruddy pancake.


Address: Kosmodamianskaya emb., 2

Community Chef Boris Yovanovitch combines Maslenitsa traditions with Asian accents and adds baked bell peppers, blanched Kenyan beans and blackberry sauce to duck confit.

Gallery 2 Go

Address: st. Petrovka, 27

Gallery To Go, the best delivery service in town, has taken its pancake menu for home parties seriously, with both green buckwheat pancakes with tofu cream and red caviar, and a version with feta cream, lightly salted salmon and avocado. Pancakes with crab, pancakes with pastrami and tzatziki sauce, pancakes with chicken in Asian sauce… Well, my favorite: onion pancakes with chicken pate and mushrooms (pictured).


Address: Smolenskaya sq., 5

Turkish pancakes can be tasted in one of the best meat restaurants in the city – in Meat_Coin. Here they are folded into triangles, and for greater elasticity, semolina is added to the dough. Try it with baked potatoes, juicy beef bacon and cheese.


Address: Bolshoi Palashevsky lane, 2/12

Perhaps this is the only place in the city where you can try pancakes with ostrich: chef Ilya Pampukha sends us warm South African greetings and prepares a menu for Maslenitsa like in the best houses of Cape Town – wrapping chopped ostrich fillet with spinach in thin pancakes.


Address: Lesnaya st., 7

The Saiko restaurant is responsible for the Asian flavor this Maslenitsa. Pancake dohyo imitates a ring where sumo wrestlers fight – a pancake weighing 250 grams is served with berries in caramel sauce and flambéed with cognac right in the hall. A real pancake sumo wrestler.


Address: New Square, 14

Okonomiyaki is either a pancake, or a tortilla, or an omelet. Cabbage, bacon, mayonnaise in a plump egg batter. And the name of the dish comes from two words: okonomi, meaning “what you want” or “what you like,” and the standard element for fried foods, yaki. Okonomiyaki is offered with vegetables, broccoli, shiitake mushrooms, edamame beans (pictured) or with bacon, tuna chips, cabbage, unagi sauce.


Address: Plotnikov lane, 12

Brand chef and project owner Aleksey Pinsky prepares pancakes according to a family recipe, using favorite combinations such as black and red caviar for toppings. Well, the option “hamon and stracciatella” is very courtly.

Touch Chef’s Place & Bar

Address: Sadovnicheskaya embankment, 7

The chef of the Touch Chef’s Place & Bar restaurant, Nikita Kuzmenko, prepared just one dish for Maslenitsa – a black pancake, but with a sturgeon cheesecake. The cheesecake is cooked in coconut milk and served on a pancake with a spoonful of black beluga caviar.


Address: st. Malaya Bronnaya, 20a

Mediterranean motives and gastronomic traditions of Sorrento, Tuscany and other regions are guessed in the dishes of the brand chef Luigi Magni. Wheat pancakes are rolled up in cannelloni and stuffed with salmon, squid and red caviar.


Address: 1st lane Truzhenikov, 6

In the stylish MODUS restaurant, chef Andrey Zhdanov has prepared a whole pancake menu, where there is a place for Florentine pancakes, pancakes with turkey stew, and pancakes, but pancake samsa with julienne and caviar promises to be a hit.

Sartoria Lamberti

Address: Tverskaya st., 3

On the menu you can find spinach pancake rolls with red caviar and a whole pancake “cake” with salmon, cream cheese and artichoke mousse. Also interesting are bird cherry pancakes with black caviar and sour cream. Well, and one more hit – a pancake cake in the form of a spool of thread from pastry chef Naira Sosedova (pictured). Inside the “reel” are creamy pancakes and tiramisu cream, and there are even chocolate buttons.

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