With 100,000 witnesses: the wedding of Oksana Samoilova and Dzhigan was broadcast live on VKontakte


Still, when a woman wants a luxurious wedding, nothing will stop her! Neither the fact that she is, in fact, already married to a “fiancé”, nor their four children, nor the financial or political cataclysms that shake the world. Here it is, the power of love! And PR.

On December 12, Oksana Samoilova and Dzhigan arranged a solemn wedding according to all the laws of the genre: a sparkling bride’s dress; guests wiping away tears of tenderness; toasts, one more eloquent than the other; dances, competitions, a bouquet for unmarried girlfriends; golden rings and the cherished “I agree,” said in a voice trembling with excitement.

oksana samoilova photo

oksana samoilova photo

The touching, but at the same time large-scale event could be watched live: the newlyweds collaborated with VKontakte and launched an online broadcast of the wedding. Network “guests” were not long in coming, and at some point as many as 100 thousand people joined the celebration of star love.

Hosted an online wedding participants of the show “Improvisation”, and among the guests were all the brightest heroes of the gossip columns: Timati, Yegor Creed, Yana Rudkovskaya, Elena Perminova, Klava Koka, Anna Sedokova and other celebrities.

oksana samoilova photo

Of course, not without force majeure. But what is a wedding without surprises? From time to time, the online broadcast went awry, and the audience was indignant in the comments, afraid to miss out on something particularly interesting.

Fortunately, the friends of the newlyweds were on top – Yegor Creed quickly got his bearings and began to film what was happening on the phone, and Timati made a heartfelt toast, which would be a crime not to quote.

Jiga can always count on me, I’m always there, brother. Ksenia, you have to give the most credit. No matter what happened, your union became stronger and stronger. This is a great example for all of us. Special applause to the wife“.

oksana samoilova photo

As an old friend, Timur also made a short digression into the past:

“This is a very long way, and when they met, I was one hundred percent, knowing Jiga, I was sure that in a month I would no longer know the name of this girl, then there would be someone else and more. But this alliance is getting stronger and stronger, stronger. I want to drink to your wonderful union, your children, your parents,” he added.

On the other side of the VK screens at that moment, the couple’s fans wiped away their tears and, it is possible, raised their glasses to the young. May you live happily ever after! And if Oxy and Jiga want to play a third wedding, no one will be surprised.

By the way, if you didn’t have time to attend the “wedding of the year” yesterday, you have the opportunity to see the celebration in all its glory thanks to VKontakte.

Well, now, after all the wedding troubles, the newlyweds are probably very tired and are already planning their next vacation. True, now in the status of “twice married.”

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