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Recently, the performer of the role of Galina Sergeevna in the series “Daddy’s Daughters”, Liza Arzamasova, shared with fans a picture with the script for the new season of the sensational series. So far, not all actresses have confirmed their participation in the filming, but the new season of “Daddy’s Daughters. Ten years later” promises to be interesting.

While the actors are preparing for the roles, and the filmmakers are building the scenery, we invite you to vote for the most stylish “daddy’s girl”.

Liza Arzamasova (Galina Sergeevna)

liza arzamasova photo

Did the role of Galina Sergeevna influence Lisa Arzamasova so much that she even chooses dresses with a strict cage even at dinner parties? We’ll probably never know. Just note that the black bralette adds spice to the image of the actress.

Daria Melnikova (Zhenya)

daria melnikova photo

Even ten years later, Daria Melnikova, who played Zhenya, a sports lover, appears on social networks in similar images. She, of course, is not alien to dresses and lace, but still more often you can see jeans and sweatshirts on her.

Ekaterina Starshova (Button)

Ekaterina starshova photo

The favorite of the audience, Button has grown and turned into a real beauty! Ekaterina Starshova does not really like to remember her film past and is now studying to be a pharmacist. Rumor has it that Catherine decided to abandon filming in the new season of the series.

Miroslava Karpovich (Masha)

miroslava karpovich photo

Clockwork and positive Masha settled down. Miroslava Karpovich loves trouser suits and combines them with elegant heeled shoes. Many fans are hoping for her return to the series “Daddy’s Daughters” – it’s too interesting to see if the transformation of the character of the heroine will be shown.

Anastasia Sivaeva (Dasha)

Anastasia Sivaeva photo

Anastasia Sivaeva, who played the Gothess Dasha, has recently completely closed down and publishes almost nothing on social networks. In life, the artist dresses far from being as gloomy as in the series, but black is still her favorite color.

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