What should be on the New Year’s table 2021 (Year of the Ox) – a list of dishes and products

What should be on the New Year's table 2021 (Year of the Ox): dishes and products
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Are you already preparing for the upcoming New Year holidays? Then it’s time to think about what you can cook and how to serve it, and we have compiled a list of seven must-have products and ready-made meals for you. Thanks to this article, you will find out exactly what should be on the New Year’s table 2021 in the year of the Ox!

1. Vegetables, berries and fruits

The symbol of 2021 is a peaceful, obviously not a predatory animal, so prepare plant products for the celebration. You can simply cut vegetables or, if you have time, decorate each dish with cucumber slices, tomato rings, carrot strips, etc.

Under fish and meat dishes (except for beef, it is taboo on the New Year’s table), put a couple of lettuce leaves or Beijing cabbage. So you can appease the Bull and impress the guests with a beautiful presentation. Berries are also a great option for a festive table. And with the help of them you can very quickly decorate other delicacies.

Vegetables, berries and fruits - What should be on the New Year's table 2021
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2. Greens

In addition to vegetables, fragrant parsley, fragrant dill, vitamin celery, healthy arugula or fresh green onions are also suitable. They will not only serve as a kind of decoration for a feast, but also improve the digestibility of other, heavier foods.

A spinach soup or sauce made from this ingredient would be a great idea. However, if you don’t normally use these types of greens, opt for more familiar options. The conservative Ox does not particularly like experiments and delights.

3. Cereals

Buckwheat, rice, bulgur, millet, barley, corn, peas – there are a lot of options. You can choose a simpler way and cook any porridge as the main side dish for the New Year. If you have time to get confused, then try adding these products to each dish. For example, cutlets with buckwheat, cookies with oatmeal, pilaf with pork, pea puree, gravy for meat, etc.

Cereals - What should be on the New Year's table 2021
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4. White dishes

This shade will be symbolic in 2021. It is important that it be reflected in solemn delicacies. Salads with mayonnaise, béchamel, tartare or garlic sauce, light cheese casseroles, snow-white cream cakes, cauliflower dishes, dishes garnished with egg white, etc. are suitable.

5. Traditional delicacies

The bull will not appreciate exotic dishes and the first culinary samples. Therefore, to celebrate the New Year, it is better to give preference to the usual homemade dishes. If you are preparing something specific for every holiday, then be sure to include this option in the holiday menu again.

Try to choose dishes from products that can be easily found in any store. It’s even better if it’s 100% domestic products, and not curiosities that came from abroad.

Traditional delicacies - What should be on the New Year's table 2021
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6. Sweet desserts

Oddly enough, but astrologers agree that the white metal Ox is still sweet. And this means that for the New Year 2021, you must definitely prepare a dessert, or rather several at once.

The only prohibitions are jelly and marmalade, since they contain gelatin, and it is highly undesirable for the New Year’s table. However, if you find or cook such sweets with agar-agar or starch, then the Ox will react favorably. Ideal options for dessert in 2021 are self-baked cakes or cookies.

7. Homemade drinks

Since the symbol of 2021 appreciates everything family, familiar and native, then make sure that there will be personally brewed drinks on your New Year’s table. Kissel (again, without gelatin), uzvar, homemade lemonade (without soda), compote, fruit drink, canned birch sap are best suited.

If suddenly you don’t like such drinks or they don’t fit into the general theme of the feast, then offer your guests leaf tea or brewed cocoa for dessert. Give up fancy cocktails and high-grade alcohol. But mulled wine will be an amazing idea!

Homemade drinks - What should be on the New Year's table 2021
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