Wet effect in eyelash extensions (2D, 3D) – a review from beautyhack.ru.

Our modern fast-paced world dictates its own rules for creating beauty, when practicality comes to the fore, combined with an ideal result. At the same time, a woman, despite her daily workload, always wants to look attractive and well-groomed. The effect of extended eyelashes is a win-win way of forming an individual female image, with which you can make the look expressive, alluring and mysterious. In addition, the care of artificial eyelashes is simple, and the unconditional benefits are great. If you approach the extension correctly, then the eyelashes last for a long time, and over time, you can perform a correction at the master, correcting defects.

Each lashmaker has his own secrets and life hacks in his arsenal, but the general trends and popularity of this or that final effect is determined solely by the needs of clients. The effect of wet eyelashes, thanks to its practicality and naturalness, has firmly entered the arsenal of services of lash masters over the past few years and is invariably very popular.

What is the effect of wet eyelashes

Wet effect eyelashes look like a woman has just bathed, washed, or taken a shower. Moderately fluffy eyelashes seem to be glued together and look a little careless. From the outside, it may not always be clear that this is the result of extensions – it all depends on the number of eyelashes and their length.

Wet eyelashes are great for other effects: squirrel, cat, fox. To achieve different looks, 2 to 5 hairs are glued either to each eyelash or skipping one or two. You can zone in length, alternating shorter ones with long ones, or you can focus on the outer and inner corners of the eyes. All this is discussed with the master in advance when drawing up the procedure plan.

Wet eyelash extensions using 2 and 3D volumes fit perfectly into the daily look of a busy but well-groomed beauty, and 4 and 5D volumes in everyday life will look a little pretentious, but they are quite suitable for important events, holidays and parties.

Features of the technique of eyelash extension with a wet effect

Wet eyelash extensions are achieved not by some special material of artificial fibers, but by the attachment technique. For a wet result, it is not possible to use normal or 1D volumes. The secret is that while transferring artificial eyelashes (at least two at a time) from the tape, the master does not separate them, and after dipping into the glue immediately glues them to natural ones. Often neighboring beams are superimposed sequentially, but at a barely noticeable angle to each other. This is combined with undivided lashes and gives that desired wet lashes.

Due to the fact that the artificial cilia do not separate during the process, the fibers do not have to be thick. With a 2D volume – no more than 0.1 mm, and the more hairs in one gluing, the thinner they are. Otherwise, there will be a significant weighting of the eyelid, and with it a high probability of early loss of eyelash extensions.

Benefits of Wet Look Eyelash Extensions

The main advantage of eyelashes with a wet effect is its naturalness. It is very convenient to always have beautiful eyes without the daily effort and time spent on makeup. Therefore, wet eyelashes are universal for eyes of any shape and faces of all types.

Other benefits include all the other bonuses that the eyelash extension procedure gives a woman:

  • the ability to look attractive at any time of the day or night
  • long-lasting, up to 60 days result with the effect of wet eyelashes
  • water resistant to any amount of moisture
  • ease of care for eyelashes after extension
  • no eye discomfort when worn due to the lightness of artificial hairs
  • variety of extension options
  • rich selection of materials

Disadvantages of Wet Look Eyelash Extensions

The disadvantages of eyelashes with a wet effect are due to the individual characteristics of each woman. As with all other extension methods, you should not make artificial eyelashes in the following cases:

  • with weakened natural eyelashes
  • in the presence of even the most minimal allergic reactions to glue or materials
  • when there is a history of eye diseases or in the postoperative period
  • during periods of exacerbation of chronic diseases
  • with colds, infectious or viral diseases
  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding

With a general ill health of the body, taking serious medications or an unstable hormonal background, the cosmetic eyelash extension procedure will only aggravate the state of discomfort and is unlikely to be useful.

Wet eyelash extension procedure

Creating beauty using a wet effect in eyelash extensions is, of course, best done by the hands of an experienced lash maker. The practice gained over the years will not allow beginners to make mistakes. And although on the Internet you can find a lot of video information on eyelash extensions for yourself, you should not do it yourself for the first time, so as not to harm your natural cilia.

Both at home and in the salons of the masters, preparation for the extension procedure and its implementation consist of successive stages.

Preliminary preparation

At the first stage, it is very important to test for allergic resistance to the adhesive components. To do this, just drop on the skin in the bend of the elbow, wait and after 20 minutes check the condition of the skin. You can start the extension procedure only after you make sure that there is absolutely no redness, peeling or itching at the test site.

At the second stage, you need to understand what result you want to get after the extension procedure. You can decide on a vision with the help of a master who will recommend an image that is right for you, taking into account the shape of the face, the cut and fit of the eyes, the condition of your native cilia. Lashmaker will select the optimal length and thickness, advise the material with the desired bend, draw up a plan and offer an extension scheme.

At the third stage of preparation, you need to prepare tools and materials. Wherever you do wet effect eyelash extensions, make sure the work is done with properly sanitized tools at hand and that the materials are quality certified.

Extension procedure

The sequence of the build-up process itself is always the same.

  • first of all, the field of activity is carefully degreased – both the eyelid under the eyelashes and the cilia
  • in order to avoid interference, the lower row of native cilia is separated from the upper one with a special patch, and the upper eyelid is lifted with adhesive tape
  • then tweezers, glue and strips with artificial eyelashes come into play, which the master takes with one tweezer from the tape and sticks with another, without separating, to natural hairs
  • after the glue dries, the hair extensions must be treated with a waterproof-based fixer so that the effect of wet eyelashes lasts as long as possible in …

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