We just didn’t have enough! Mask for the buttocks – a marketing ploy or an effective remedy for stretch marks and cellulite? . BEAUTYHACK

Before we had time to get used to masks for the abdomen during pregnancy (here are the details and opinion chemist-technologist), as the beauty industry presented another know-how. Mask for the buttocks. And, in fact, why not? This part of the body takes on a significant load, suffers due to thongs or lacy underwear, sweats in jeans and tights, rubs due to tight clothing. Perhaps, and care for her should be special?

Dan Belkin, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in New York, reminds us that the skin on the thighs is much thicker than on the face, so it’s less prone to irritation and other problems. However, many people are more willing to go to a beautician with a problem of acne or pigmentation on the face, but they will be ashamed to talk about rashes or dry skin of the buttocks. Therefore, he considers such a tool ideal for home care.

What can novelty do?

Folliculitis (pimples)

As dermatologist Jodi LoGerfo said in an interview Portal Byrdie, this is the most common problem in that area. Inflammation of the hair follicle can lead to rashes and papules. If this is a mild form, then the mask is just able to cope. The composition should contain benzoyl peroxide – it will destroy the bacteria that provoke the disease, help control excess sebum and exfoliate the epidermis. A mask containing salicylic acid can also reduce clogged pores and prevent new breakouts from reappearing. Azelaic acid clears pores, while glycolic and lactic acids remove potentially pore-clogging dead cells and soothe inflamed skin. In addition, alpha hydroxy acids help speed up the skin’s natural renewal process, leaving it fresher and softer, helping to improve the appearance of scars, scars, and pores over time.

Pilarious keratosis

This is a genetic form of dermatitis that appears as rough, dry patches on the skin and tiny bumps. Although they do not cause pain or itching, people often scratch them, which can lead to scarring. In this case, masks with salicylic acid, urea and alpha hydroxy acids will help. The goal here is to exfoliate the skin.

Eczema/atopic dermatitis

Chronic, itchy, inflammatory skin disease associated with elevated levels of immunoglobulin E (IgE) in the blood. Manifested by dry skin, severe itching, red and inflamed papules, crusting.

Masks with Vaseline and ceramides will help here. Also correct the situation means with oats, aloe, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, Shea butter, vitamin E and niacinamide.

Stretch marks

Belkin advises not to delay treating them, as it is much easier to treat them when they are new and red than when they are old and white. His colleague LoGerfo, however, recalls that masks can do little to help here, this is more a matter for dermatologists and cosmetologists. However, retinol in products can help slightly improve the appearance of stretch marks, making them appear lighter and less pronounced. And since stretch marks weaken the elasticity of the skin, hyaluronic acid can improve this function and make the overall appearance more aesthetic.


Alas, masks are powerless here, the doctors say with one voice. The most they can do is moisturize the skin to give it a smoother and more radiant look. For this purpose, use masks containing caffeine. It dehydrates the skin, tightening it and thereby reducing the appearance of dimples on the skin. In addition, retinoids can thicken the top layer of skin cells and prevent the appearance of cellulite by softening the overall unevenness. Finally, vitamin C can help boost collagen production, which will make skin firmer.

Who should not wear a mask

Those who have acne blistering rashes, skin infections, psoriasis, eczema with discharge or crusting, herpes infection, allergies to active substances. If you have any doubts, consult a professional – it’s better to be safe than sorry.

How is it different from regular face masks?

Buttock masks are produced in a special convenient form and they are larger in size. Plus, they use a special formula and essences so that the active substances get into the deep layers of the skin.

What is the price

From 780 rubles.

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