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Top 5 hardware procedures for men. BEAUTYHACK

Now well-groomed and healthy skin, a presentable appearance excite men no less than women. There are many devices, working with which will positively affect both the health of a man and his appearance. Sipunova Diana Sergeevna, dermatovenereologist, cosmetologist, doctor of the Candela Excellence Clinic expert center, made up the top 5 hardware procedures that will simplify and improve the life of males.

Cryolipolysis with Cocoon

Beer belly, gynecomastia, double chin - no problem! Cryolipolysis is a modern method of local exposure to cold on subcutaneous fat. Without sports, labor and self-violence, in one session in the correction zone, the amount of adipose tissue decreases by 2-3 cm. The result can be assessed after 15 days, and then the procedure will only be more effective.

Ultrasonic mas-lifting on Ulthera

Thanks to this method, the effect of rejuvenation, lifting and correction of wrinkles is achieved in one procedure. The most important advantage of smas therapy is the lack of rehabilitation, you can immediately go to work, to an important meeting, a date the next day. After 1.5-2 months it will be possible to evaluate the first results, then they will only grow and last for several years.

Hair regrowth with Nordlys Candela

Another of the common problems in men is all sorts of alopecia, in simple words, hair loss. It is possible to stop hair loss and stimulate the bulbs to grow new hair thanks to the technology of fractional laser exposure. Laser therapy improves metabolism and cell division of the hair follicle, slows down scarring and relieves inflammation.

Removal of unwanted hair with GentleMax Candela

The device will quickly save you from unwanted hair, not only in areas familiar to us, but also hard to reach. Remember how quickly the contour of the hair grows, or how you have to resort to help to remove hair from the ears, shaving the armpits and, as a result, irritation. The alexandrite laser method of selective action only on the melanin chromophore in unwanted hairs will painlessly and permanently save you from these problems.

Vessel removal with Vbeam

Dilated blood vessels, couperosis and rosacea are characteristic not only for women, but also for men. In people of the opposite sex, on the contrary, this is all aggravated by the active production of testosterone, playing sports, and refusing to use SPF protection. You can cope with this, the device will easily remove large vessels near the wings of the nose, soothe and brighten the skin due to rosacea, refresh the skin without a long rehabilitation



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