Toning natural and dyed hair: gentle products and effective techniques

There is a desire to refresh the image and give it a special zest, but do not want to resort to classic coloring? Then use tint and toning products. Products will help make curls brighter and more saturated, as well as neutralize unwanted tone.

Hair toning

Hair toning: what is it

Hair tinting is understood as a gentle and gentle process of color change. The procedure does not cause much harm, since the pigments do not penetrate deep into the hairs, but remain on the surface. The original color becomes more saturated and interesting.

Often carry out toning of natural hair. This solution makes the natural shade expressive.

Why do toning

The most popular in hairdressing salons are various lightening, bleaching and highlighting techniques. However, not everyone knows about their aggressiveness. These processes can injure the hair structure and destroy the natural pigment.

Hair toning

The use of tinting agents helps to minimize the negative consequences after deep exposure. The composition of the products creates a film that performs a protective function and helps to fill the void between the scales.

In addition, it is worth considering that the clarified curls themselves require regular updating of the shade. Toning in this case acts as a way to correct the tone. The product makes the color purer and eliminates unwanted undertones.

Pros and cons of hair tinting

Toning has its pros and cons. Therefore, before you decide to change the image, get acquainted in more detail with the possible consequences of the process.

The disadvantages include:

  1. staining is quickly washed out, so you need to tint on a regular basis;
  2. it will not be possible to radically change the color without preliminary clarification;
  3. it is difficult to predict the end result;
  4. gray hair is not completely hidden;
  5. not suitable for intensive lightening of hair.

Hair toning

But there are many more positive nuances:

  1. dyes practically do not harm the hair;
  2. it becomes possible to correct oversights in staining;
  3. after the procedure, the result of persistent coloring is fixed;
  4. color becomes saturated;
  5. the composition of the products smoothes the hair cuticle, after which it becomes much easier to comb them;
  6. strands get a clean shade, shine and softness;
  7. the paint has moisturizing properties, so that the curls do not dry out.

How is toning different from coloring?

It is a mistake to assume that toning can easily replace the painting procedure. Both processes have characteristic differences. For example, permanent coloring agents penetrate the hair structure. Accordingly, the cuticle scales open. This allows you to radically change the color of the curls, and the effect will last for a long time.

Hair toning

When tinted, the paint remains on the surface. The sheath of hairs is covered with pigment. Such an impact is not aggressive and does not injure. The shade after the procedure will differ from the original by 2-3 tones.

Types of toning and their features

Having figured out what toning is, what differences it has from coloring, and the main pros and cons of the procedure, we suggest moving on to an equally interesting section: types of process and their features. There are 3 types: intense, gentle and light. Next, we will consider in more detail each of the options.


Intensive toning is carried out using a semi-permanent dye. The composition of the product includes active ingredients. It is these components that allow the color to hold out for a relatively long time. “How long does tinting last on hair?”, You ask. This type of toning is able to maintain the effect from 4 weeks to 2-3 months.

Hair toning


The duration of the sparing option lasts from two weeks to one month. Products for this type exclude the use of active alkalis, as well as ammonia.


In the case of a light look, then you should not expect a lasting effect. The dye will wash off with the first shampoo. However, such toning is suitable in cases where you want to experiment and try something new. So you can find out if a particular shade suits you.

For the procedure, use means that can soon be easily washed off:

  1. carcasses;
  2. gels;
  3. sprays;
  4. crayons.

Hair toning

How to choose a hair tint

For hair tinting, there are product lines designed exclusively for this process. Means for use at home and in the cabin are somewhat different. Let’s figure it out!

Hair toning products in the salon

In the hairdressing salon, the master should offer the client a choice of several options for changing the shade of the curls:

Spray. With this product it is possible to get instant results. It is also suitable for root zone treatment. They are often used in the case of regrown hair that stands out in color against the background of the main hairstyle.

Hair toning

Tint shampoo. This is a relatively inexpensive tool. With regular use, you can achieve a lasting effect.

Foam. Use only to correct an unsuccessful shade of staining.

Semi-permanent paint. Apply if you want to achieve a long-term effect. The result lasts about 2-3 months.

Please note: in beauty salons, specialists use more professional and durable products. The price for such solutions will be corresponding. However, the work and the consequences will speak for themselves.

Means for toning hair at home

If you are going to do toning at home, first of all, you should carefully study all the basics of the procedure, choose a method of staining and acquire the necessary tools.

Hair toning

Often, the process is carried out at home using paint and balm.

In the first option, it is recommended to use a professional and ammonia-free substance.

For dark hair, choose the product of the desired shade. Mix it with an oxidizing agent. Apply the resulting texture to wet strands. After distributing the substance along the entire length, comb the hair. Next, gather the curls and secure them with a hairpin. The paint should last about 20-30 minutes. Then you can wash off the product using shampoo and balm or mask.

Working with blond hair will bring more trouble. This is where composition matters. Only with the right choice can you achieve the desired results. Experienced hairdressers and colorists advise using paint with purple pigment. This will help to successfully eliminate yellowness. The procedure itself should also be carried out on wet curls. Hold the paint for 15-20 minutes. After washing it off with warm water, applying care products (shampoo and balm).

Hair toning

The second option is toning with a balm. The option is considered one of the easiest, since all you need to do is choose a shade and use the substance after shampoo. You need to repeat the procedure on an ongoing basis.

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