To look younger and more cheerful: 5 simple procedures that will lift the corners of the eyes and lips. BEAUTYHACK

With age, the corners of the eyes and lips can droop, resulting in a frown and tired look. Beauty procedures will help solve this problem. Rosa Gerliani, dermatologist and cosmetologist at the Damas Medical Center for Innovative Medicine, told about them.

Botulinum therapy

Botulinum Therapy (Botox) is one of the most popular treatments and is done to relieve muscle tension. If there is some kind of spasm, then botulinum toxin relaxes it and, as a result, a good lifting effect is obtained.

If you need to get a rested look, then the drug is injected into the forehead. And so we get a double result: raised corners of the eyes and a flat forehead. Also, the procedure can be done in the lowering corners of the lips to achieve the effect of a relaxed face with a slight smile.

Introduction of hyaluronic acid

The next procedure is the introduction of hyaluronic acid. It is better to use fillers based on hyaluronic acid. They will make up for the lack of tissue by correcting problem areas, including the drooping corners of the eyes or lips.

RF – lifting

Among the hardware procedures, I would single out radio wave / radio frequency lifting (RF – lifting). This is a non-surgical program during which radio waves penetrate the dermis to the required depth and heat the epidermal cells to the temperature of collagen compaction. RF lifting can be carried out separately on the area around the eyes or on the area around the lips. You can also do the procedure immediately on the whole face. And most importantly, the result will last for 1-2 years.

Laser rejuvenation or laser resurfacing

Thanks to laser rejuvenation or laser resurfacing, old cells are destroyed under high temperature, and neocollagenesis is actively taking place – stimulation of new collagen. As a result of the procedure, the eyelid area is very well tightened, all small wrinkles are smoothed out. This also applies to the area of ​​​​the corners of the lips.

SMAS lifting

SMAS lifting is an ultrasonic procedure that works at the level of SMAS (the so-called muscular aponeuric layer of our skin, which is responsible for the clarity and elasticity of the contours). During the program, collagen fibers are tightened, and the skin is tightened without surgical intervention. And the result is skin rejuvenation, as a result of which the corners of the eyes and lips also rise.

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