TikTok offers to be a “Vanilla Girl”: what is it and how to create an image. BEAUTYHACK

There’s another trend on TikTok and we really like it: now girl bloggers are offering to be “Vanilla Girl”! Under the hashtag #vanillagirl – already more than 290 million views. And this means that the trend has really taken root. Moreover, in the era of microtrends (almost every day influencers come up with something new), Vanilla Girl has many chances to be in the top not only this winter, but also to gain a foothold for several years to come. First, the aesthetics of the trend falls into the category of minimalism, and this is always true. Secondly, with this style you can look expensive without putting a lot of effort.

Here are the main rules of Vanilla Girl:

1) Minimalistic cut without bright accents and details. This is where the phrase “beauty in simplicity” comes in.

2) The most pleasant natural fabrics suitable for winter. Pay attention to knitwear.

3) Convenience and comfort – in the first place. Being a “Vanilla Girl” should be enjoyable, not just pretty.

4) Exceptionally light shadesthat can be mixed with each other – white, milky, light beige and, of course, vanilla. And no additional colors!

5) Natural makeup or “makeup without makeup.” The most important thing is an even and radiant tone. You can also tint the eyelashes and highlight the eyes and lips with natural shades.

See below how to create this image using clothes from Russian brands and beauty products available for our country.

Basic wardrobe for Vanilla Girl

On the picture:

Cardigan, Brusnika Brand17,800 rubles.

Eco fur coat, All We Need4995 rubles at a discount.

Jumper, Marchelas9990 rubles.

Hat and glove All We Need2490 rubles and 1495 rubles.

knitted suit, To Be Blossom16 990 rubles.

knitted trousers, 12 Storeez9980 rubles.

shopper bag, 12 Storeez29 980 rubles.

Down jacket, 2 Mood27,980 rubles.

Fur boots, 12 Storeez19 980 rubles.

Makeup for Vanilla Girl

On the picture:

Foundation Teint Idole Ultra Wear SPF 15, Lancome5720 rubles.

Blush Luminous Silk Compact Blusher, note800 rubles.

Eye shadow in pencil, shade 1 Harmony, Latte Beauty2500 rubles.

Lip Gloss Natural Lip Perfector, Shade 2 Apricot Shimmer, Clarins2050 rubles.

Mascara High Impact, Clinique3180 rubles.

Starring Rosalia Retro Liquid Matte Lipstick Jalea MAC2190 rubles.

Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer Shade 100 Natural Dior2650 rubles.

Eyeshadow palette, shade 1 Shiny Foliage, sensai6000 rubles.

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