Three signs that give out the age of a woman in the eyes of men


When we think about what our age gives away, wrinkles, loss of firmness and gray hair come to mind. But there are other signs that spoil the appearance of even young girls. And men always notice them!

Hands- “crackers”

Paris Hilton photo

Anatoly, marketer: “Something is wrong with me. I remember that Paris is young, but these hands … Judging by the parchment skin, she is about 45.

Actually: The actress is only 41.

Dry skin instantly ages, looks wrinkled and as if shabby with life. On the face, this is not as critical as on the hands, where there is no makeup! But often there are antiseptics and soap. Therefore, it is important to use long-acting products, and not just creams, which, as it were, did not happen after the first wash.

Great option – hand cream Hydration and nutrition» from the red line.

It actively moisturizes, eliminates dryness for a long time and makes the skin of the hands radiant. At the same time, the cream has a light, non-greasy texture and does not have a pronounced smell. Contains coconut, shea and almond oils, valuable mango and papaya extracts. The cost is more than budget: 204 rubles. instead of 498!

Pigment spots on the body

megan fox photo

Matthew, businessman: “The actress looks good, and I would give her 35 years if not for these spots on her back. My mom got the same as she got older. So she must be in her 40s.”

Actually: Megan Fox is 36 years old.

Even skin color is associated with youth, but age spots, on the contrary, are perceived as a marker of age. Although often they are not caused by age-related changes, but by the abuse of the sun. Here the advice is obvious: do not forget about SPF protection, wear wide-brimmed hats and be afraid of ultraviolet radiation. With existing persistent pigmentation, professional peeling or a laser can help.

Bad eyebrows

Anastasia Volochkova photo

Sergey, designer: “Anastasia shows that she is already a lady in years. Most of all, the eyebrows speak of this, they seemed to have fallen out, and she drew them again, and even in the wrong place. And for some reason they have a cold tint. I think she’s 52-53.”

Actually: Anastasia Volochkova is 46 years old.

Indeed, the shade and shape of the eyebrows play a crucial role. They can soften facial features and rejuvenate, or they can easily age as much as 10 years. We recommend forgetting about clear eyebrows, evenly filled with color. When choosing a shape, stick to naturalness and do not forget that for blondes they should be a couple of tones darker, for brunettes – a tone or two lighter.

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