Three procedures that will instantly get rid of edema. BEAUTYHACK

Puffiness is a phenomenon that, alas, many people face almost daily. Oksana Makarova, a cosmetologist at the SLOWMO TSVETNOY beauty salon, chose three programs, the effect of which is obvious after the first visit. By the way, all of them are recommended, including as “exit” procedures.

Endospheres Therapy®

This apparatus is very popular for working with the body. But its impact on the face is obviously underestimated. But thanks to the work on the lymphatic drainage lines, we achieve an amazing lifting effect and get rid of puffiness. In addition, facial muscles also need systematic training. And due to the lack of stress in the muscle fibers, the first signs of aging appear. Unfortunately, facial fitness does not solve the problem, as exercises simply do not work on all layers of the skin.

So, what is the result? First of all, due to the effect of a combination of compression microvibrations, which contribute to the launch of natural processes in the skin. Therefore, we not only get rid of puffiness and make the face oval clearer, but also stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.


Although Hydrafacial was originally designed to cleanse the skin, it also has an excellent decongestant effect. After all, all three serums that we inject with the help of the device in order to ensure cleanliness “to the squeak”, we apply along the massage lines. And, thanks to the movement of soft maniples with nozzles, we achieve an excellent drainage effect. So this is also the so-called two-in-one procedure.

Chiroplastic facial massage

It was invented by the Spanish plastic surgeon Enrique Castells Garcia. He came up with this procedure for his patients after operations, combining European and Chinese techniques in the technique. And its main goal is to eliminate puffiness and establish lymphatic drainage.

It also perfectly works out all the muscles of the face and is ideal for people who suffer from rosacea (when many other techniques are simply contraindicated for them). Indeed, in this case, thanks to the slow technique, the walls of the vessels are strengthened. The nice thing is that the result is visible within 40 minutes after the first procedure.

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