There are no analogues: luxury cosmetics that turn makeup into a real pleasure


I am one of those people who need to justify any expensive purchase: I take a new phone when I can’t even give the old one to my grandmother, I update the vacuum cleaner if the previous one is already starting to “cough” with freshly collected dust. And so in everything. As if someone should approve me or allow me to spend big!

It is not right. If you are the same lover of saving on yourself, then consider that this article is a sign. Yes, it’s okay to try something new. Yes, the desire to have a suite is commendable. Yes, you have to learn to allow yourself to allow. Let’s go to beauty treasures!

D’alba, Glow fit serum cover cushion

A foundation cushion is a cross between a regular foundation, BB cream and powder. It lays down easily, is almost not felt, protects the skin from the sun’s rays (SPF 50) and takes care of it. No wonder, because it contains extracts of Italian white truffle, peony root, hibiscus and vitamin E. I like that the cushion is not “fatty”, it mattes well and stays calm all day. It will not block rashes and post-acne, but it will even out the tone lightly.

And here is a large selection of foundations: 35 foundations that do not clog pores and do not emphasize wrinkles.

Where could I buy: Golden Apple, Letual

Romanovamakeup, Sexy Smoky Eye Pencil MINI

The shade of Golden apple is simply created for us, green-eyed and brown-eyed! A noble olive with golden tints makes the look even more expressive and looks expensive. For everyday use, we draw laconic thin arrows for them and gently shade the resulting beauty, and for a party we create bright smokey. The only drawback of the pencil is that it runs out quickly (because some people use it daily).

Where could I buy: Romanovamakeup, Golden Apple

Inglot, Loose Eye Shadow AMC

Yes, they are pigments! And if it seems to you that you do not know how to use them, then it seems to you. As a substrate, we use a cream base, liquid shadows or eyeliner, and then directly with our fingers we apply sparkles with imprinting movements.

I’m delighted with shade number 85, already wrote about this handsome man – ideality for the New Year’s party. Suitable for lovers of calmer colors pigment №22, lilac-gold – Krygina herself recommended it. Well, our beauty goddess Yulia Yudina hooked the entire editorial staff on No. 112 (“it’s like fairy dust”) and delicate No. 86. Now in our office every day is a holiday!

And before the make-up, read our article: Shadows are not used like that: 5 mistakes that make eyes small and sad

Where could I buy: Inglot, Wildberries, Lamoda, Ozone

Lime Crime, Prelude Exposed Eyeshadow Palette

If you still can’t lull the economist in yourself, then buy a palette from Lime Crime – and you can do business make-ups with it, and artsy evening ones. 8 colors: from pale blue to deep brown. They are applied well even with a finger, even with a brush, they do not loosen and do not crumble. Consumption is small, because they do not dust. The stamina is killer, especially if you don’t forget about the base.

Where could I buy: Ozone, Golden Apple

Make Up For Ever, Rouge artist metal shine lipstick

Noble shades of red that don’t look like you kissed yourself on the wound. Packaging is limited! Choose from 5 crazy shades with a radiant finish, and if you layer it well, then with varnish. Lipstick seems to be absorbed into the skin and over time it simply loses its brightness. Lasts 4 hours with a pencil. Doesn’t dry out lips and feels comfortable. We take!

Where could I buy: Golden Apple

Did everyone remember? Now find a couple!

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