The Wednesday star is now an adidas ambassador: 14 interesting facts about the new “scream queen” have been found. BEAUTYHACK

Jenna Ortega is one of the most talked about stars of this year. And even if you haven’t watched Tim Burton’s Wednesday, you’ve definitely seen the dance scene from the show or the viral video parodies of it on social media. And today it became known that Ortega became the global ambassador of adidas. And it looks like there’s more to come. At least the actress has impressive plans for 2023 (the premiere of four films with her is already known!) And for life in general. found interesting facts about the 20-year-old celebrity.

1) Jenna Ortega is 20 years old. She was born in California in a large family and was the fourth child of six children. For her striking appearance, the actress can thank genetics: her father is of Mexican origin, and her mother is Mexican and Puerto Rican.

2) Jenna started her career at the age of 6. You may have seen her in episodes of Rob and CSI: Crime Scene NY, as well as Iron Man 3 and Astral: Chapter 2.

3) Ortega got her first lead role in 2016, when she was 14. She played a teenager from a large family in the comedy series Harley’s Life, which aired on the Disney Channel. Then she got roles in the series Paige and Frankie, You, and then began to act in horror films: Scream, Studio 666, X, From Dawn Till Dusk.

4) For her roles in horror films, the actress was called the new “scream queen”.

5) However, like horror films Jenna looked harmonious in the role of voicing the princess in the cartoon. Princess Isabel speaks in her voice in the animated series “Elena – Princess of Avalor”.

6) Ortega became famous all over the world after her role in the TV series Wednesday. The actress was even nominated for a Golden Globe Award. And, despite the fact that she did not receive an award (as, indeed, the series), this did not affect her popularity in any way.

7) The brightest moment of “Wednesday” is the dance of the main character, which then became viral in social networks. At the same time, Jenna said that some of her movements were discussed with the director in advance, and some she invented herself right during the filming.

8) The actress took her preparation for the role of Wednesday seriously and even mastered several skills: fencing, canoeing, archery, cello and even German.

9) In addition to career Jenna devotes a lot of time to social activities. She opposes discrimination and supports the WE Charity, which helps children.

10) Ortega loves sportsshe is a big fan of football, also enjoys fitness and yoga.

eleven) Jenna recently signed the biggest advertising contract of her life: she became a global ambassador for adidas. And we are sure that the actress will have no less interesting collaborations with global brands in the future.

12) It is already known that in 2023, at least four film projects will be released in which Ortega took part: “Scream 6”, “Miller’s Girl”, “Best View”, “Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall”

13) In one of the interviews Jenna admitted that she dreams of becoming a director.

14) But Ortega prefers not to talk about his personal life. She also rarely leads social networks, preferring to communicate live more.

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