The perfect Instagram selfie makeup

An important aspect of a great shot is the right makeup, especially for selfies. Someone uses filters, of which there are many on Instagram, but then the photo will look unnatural. Any girl would like to repeat the shots of celebrities and models, where the stars are flawless. You need to know a few tricks to figure out how to create selfie makeup, become a great photo master and forget about filters.

What is the difference

Certain types of images require different preparation. Makeup for a selfie on Instagram is different from everyday make-up. So, having visited a professional, the girl is delighted with the reflection in the mirror, but in the photo the view is no longer so impressive.

The technique of applying cosmetics affects the final result. It is not necessary to run to a makeup artist every time, it will be easy to do makeup for a selfie at home if you know the rules:

  • The tone and smoothness of the skin is important;
  • Do not neglect sculpting the face, because the camera of the phone sees the picture flat, and not three-dimensional, like the human eye. The play of shadow and light will add brightness to the features;
  • Use a moderate amount of powder, matte skin looks unnatural in the photo, it is better to give the effect of a healthy glow. It is appropriate to use the product in the T-shaped zone;
  • Oily sheen will not allow you to do makeup for Instagram selfies. In the pictures, the face looks untidy, and the photo is overexposed;
  • The camera distorts proportions, especially at close range. Do a bright make-up for a selfie, even in small things – sometimes they use 2-3 tonal foundations at the same time;
  • Eyebrow accent. Do not make two bright or wide stripes, but be sure to shape and style;
  • Attention to quality. Concealer should not be visible at the corners of the eyes or along facial lines. Use mascara carefully so as not to leave lumps and glued eyelashes.

These rules will help solve the problem of how to make selfie makeup perfect. The instructions are simple but guarantee excellent results.

Stages of creation

Now let’s take a step-by-step look at how to make beautiful makeup for a selfie at home without resorting to the services of professional makeup artists. Having worked out the application technique, you will fill the page with new selfies that are not inferior to celebrity photos.

Tone equalization

For such purposes, too matte foundation is not suitable. It is better to choose a product with a light radiant finish. If there are very few flaws on the skin, a spot application using a sponge is sufficient. Problem areas and dark circles under the eyes should be additionally worked out with a corrector.

Next, turn for the highlighter. Apply a small amount of the product to the brush and work out the cheekbones, chin, forehead. This will give the skin a healthy glow and freshness.

On the T-zone, if it is prone to oiliness, you need to apply a little powder. Compact, crumbly or finish – there are a lot of options. You can’t neglect the tool, because you can ruin your selfie makeup with an unattractive shine.

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