The New Julian Barnes, Akunin’s Novel, and Sarah Moss’s Feminist Work: 7 Books Everyone’s Talking About.

Books, along with discoveries in other areas, are great at reflecting the agenda and helping to understand people and the world around. Together with the largest book service in Russia and the CIS countries, LitRes, we have made a selection of novels that are on everyone’s lips.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

American writer Taylor Jenkins Reid Hollywood attracts like a magnet. At first, she dreamed of a career as a superstar, and then she began to write exciting stories about the behind the scenes of the “dream factory”.

At the center of this story is the fate of two different women. Elderly Hollywood diva Evelyn Hugo has known all the shades and benefits of fame. She had the best roles, loyal fans, fabulous fees. She has become a living legend, resting on her laurels and ready to tell the whole truth about her life. As a confidant, she chooses a modest employee of a glossy magazine, Monique Grant, whom no one has heard of before. Over time, it turns out that the choice is not so strange – women have more in common than one might think.

Bear Cub, Boris Akunin, Grigory Chkhartishvili

In the book, the events of Big History are shown through the prism of the lives of ordinary people. The heroine of the novel is Yustina Belitsina. Being the offspring of a Leningrad intelligent family, she became an expert in Latin and classical music, but did not make a scientific career. Circumstances got in the way. As a child, Yustina was sick a lot and never received the Komsomol badge necessary for admission to the full-time department of the philological faculty and graduate school. The girl was forced to do small work in the dictionary edition and watch how the USSR was trying to recover from the Second World War.

“Book Delivery Service” Carsten Henn

Carsten Henn has repeatedly admitted that he loves wine and books more than anything in the world, which is why he so easily manages to combine the professions of a winemaker, a restaurant critic and a writer. He succeeded as the author of “wine detectives”, the action of which is somehow connected with wine.

Having gained reader recognition, he expanded the subject matter. This novel is about books, thanks to which the bookstore clerk Karl Kohlhoff and a young girl became friends. Will people with different temperaments find a common language? How will this relationship change everyone’s life? And what do book lovers think about this couple of friends?

Occulttreger, Alexey Salnikov

Alexey Salnikov skillfully combines everyday life and infernal horror. So in this novel, he describes the seemingly ordinary life of the Ural city on the eve of the New Year, but without otherworldly creatures – cherubs and devils – he cannot do. It is with them that the occult treger Praskovya maintains contact. Its task is not to let the city freeze and protect it from turbidity. But something seems to have gone wrong. The mud threatens to engulf the world. Once again, we need angelic support and the help of a homunculus in the form of a child… Will it be possible to save the world this time?

“The Man Who Died Twice” by Richard Osman

American television producer and writer Richard Osman knows a lot about compelling stories. He himself sees himself as the heir to the authors of classic detective stories: like Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle, he writes plots with crimes, the secret of which is preserved until the very end.

This time, a team of four elderly detectives will have to solve a case that involves Colombian drug dealers, stolen diamonds, British counterintelligence and an insidious villain who will stop at nothing …

“Elizabeth Finch”, Julian Barnes

British postmodernist Julian Barnes uses the romance genre to create a compelling philosophical treatise on everything. The reason for this is the plot about the extraordinary feelings that Neil, a student of the course “Culture and Civilization” at the evening department of one of London universities, experiences for a demanding woman professor Elizabeth Finch. What is hidden behind her exactingness and isolation? What ideas and people from the history of world culture inspire and excite her? What is the secret of her intellectual talent? Neil gets a chance to find answers to all his questions when a professor dies and is assigned to sort through her archive.

Figures of Light, Sarah Moss

The novel by Sarah Moss is about women, their freedom and needs. And also – about growing up in difficult psychological circumstances. The main character Alli needs maternal love and attention. But her mother Elizabeth does not see her daughter’s needs, she is too passionate about her mission to save the world. Showing sensitivity to the poor, she does not notice how cold and arrogant with her loved ones. Doesn’t realize that Allie should be proud of being one of the first women to study medicine. Will they be able to understand each other and show love?

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