The most beautiful eye shadow: collected 40 options that will make the look expressive


My favorite beauty product! Only in the shadows there is such an abundance of colors, textures and shapes – I don’t want to create! With their help, you can make your eyes bigger, look deeper, face younger (yes, yes). And so that you do not get confused in this beautiful variety, I have compiled a guide for you. In the article you will find a selection of tried and tested eye shadows, grouped by texture.


1. The best liquid eye shadow
2. Best creamy eye shadow
3. The Best Matte Eyeshadows
4. The Best Eyeshadow Pencils
5. Best dry eye shadow
6. Best loose eyeshadow
7. Best Eye Glitter
8. The best pigment for eyelids

The best liquid eye shadow

The easiest guys to use and the most versatile. Suitable for any make-up, securely fixed and do not spread even in the heat. It is easy to apply them with a flat brush or directly with your finger.

RBG – Treasures of Russia

Russian brand Russian Beauty Guru created this collection in collaboration with make-up artist Maxim Gilev. Persistent sparkling shadows lie on the eyelid thinly, but at the same time tightly, give time for shading, and then are securely fixed. Suitable even for make-up after 40 and with an impending century. The collection features six incredibly beautiful shades.

Luxvisage – Liquid Metal Hype

The famous liquid shadows from the Belarusian brand LUXVISAGE are presented in two finishes: matte and metallic. This is a great product for makeup of any intensity, as they blend and layer perfectly. Shadows fit tightly even without a base, moreover, they themselves can become a reliable substrate for other products. They dry quickly, have a rich palette, which consists mainly of basic shades.

Lamel – Maad Eyes Eyeshadow

Matte shadows in a liquid format from the brand of budget cosmetics Lamel are highly pigmented and resistant. They are ideal for everyday make-up and as a base for dry shadows. The line is presented in four universal colors.


in front of you multifunctional toolwhich can also be used as a blush and even as a lip tint. It blends well on any part of the face, leaving a beautiful shimmer.

Dear Dahlia – Paradise Shine Eye Sequins

liquid shadows from a premium Korean brand have a unique texture that weightlessly lies on the eyelids and creates a beautiful glow. With them, the look becomes playful and bewitching. To take care of the skin, the composition of the product included components that protect and moisturize it.

The Best Creamy Eyeshadows

Cream shadows are also durable, they have beautiful finishes, and they do not crumble upon application. You can apply with a flat brush or with your finger. The second option is preferable, since the product becomes more plastic from heat, and it is very easy to blend it evenly into the thinnest veil.


sustainable Colorstay cream eyeshadow have a delicate texture that is gently applied to the eyelids and stays on them for at least 16 hours. With them, the eyes shine and glow. There are eight shades in total. There is even a small brush included.

Rouge Bunny Rouge – Celestial Lights

Formula those creamy eyeshadows combines caring properties and a high concentration of pigment. Argan oil in their composition has a moisturizing and antioxidant effect. The silky texture of the product glides on perfectly and spreads over the skin, leaving a light shimmering finish.

MAC – Pro Longwear Paint Pots

Cream texture eyeshadow give expression to the centuries. They apply smoothly and are securely fixed on the skin. Some shades can be used instead of the base under the shadow.

3INA – The Cream Eyeshadow

Cream shadows from the brand 3INA have a waterproof formula that lasts for a long time on the eyelids. They allow you to make makeup brighter and more interesting. The line includes a large number of matte and shimmery colors.

Romanovamakeup – Sexy Eye Cream Metallizer

High-quality cream shadows should have a soft plastic texture and persistent rich pigment. All this can be said about Sexy Eye Cream Metallizer. They literally merge with the skin and provide it with a noble radiance. Shadows do not dry at all, do not roll down and do not clog into folds.

The best matte eyeshadows

This is the most ideal texture for daytime makeup if used all over the eyelid. And also they are necessary for working out the folds of the eyelid and as a darkener for more spectacular make-ups. In a word, just a necessary thing.

GA-DE – Basics Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Matte Eyeshadow Palette by GA-DE consists of eight classic shades. With it, you can make makeup of almost any intensity and complexity. The composition of the product contains caring ingredients, thanks to which the delicate skin of the eyelids remains moisturized and nourished.

Bell Waterproof Matt Eyeshadow

Waterproof matte shadows ideal for daily use. They can be applied quickly with your fingers or used in combination with other products for a more complex make-up. The hypoallergenic formula is suitable even for those with sensitive eyes.

Artdeco – Eye shadow

With the help of shadows from the Artdeco spring collection, you can make colored eye makeup. Thanks to their rich pigmentation, the product is firmly transferred to the eyelids and ensures the durability of the coating.

Laura Mercier

Matte eye shadow Matte Eyeshadow guarantee perfect color reproduction and incredibly comfortable coverage. They are very easy to apply to the skin – literally in one motion. The line contains a huge number of noble and truly luxurious shades.

Make Up Factory – Mat Eye Colors

Matte eyeshadow palette by Make Up Factory These are four perfectly matched colors. The product has an unusually soft and silky texture, which is easily stewed into a thin haze, does not dust or roll.

The best eye shadow pencils

In fact, these are the same cream shadows, only in the form of a pencil. In addition to all the advantages, you get a compact and targeted application – they can also be used as an eyeliner.

Laura Mercier

Cream stick by Laura Mercier can be applied to the eyes in many ways: as a base for make-up, as an eye shadow or as an eyeliner. This is the most versatile and easy to use tool. In addition, this pencil is presented in 28 shades, so everyone can choose the perfect color for themselves.

KIKO Milano – Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow

Eye shadow pencil with high durability from the Italian brand KIKO have a pleasant creamy texture that gives the eyelids a moist noble glow. Reflective particles in the composition create a charming and mysterious overflow. The product stays on the skin for a long time and does not dry it out at all. Presented in 32 unusually beautiful shades.

Provoc – Eye Shadow Pencil

Shadows in the shape of a pencil by PROVOC – These are saturated colors, ease of application and unimaginable durability. Their gel texture evenly falls on the eyelids and does not roll at all. And also they are comfortably felt even on the mucosa.

SHIK – Velvety Powder Eyeshadow


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