The image of a girl in the fall of 2021: nude makeup, evening, hairstyles, clothes

A modern girl usually follows the trends of the season. What is fashionable in the fall of 2021? Ekaterina Ivakha shared her vision of the autumn look for girls.

Makeup for every day for work, study, shopping

Be yourself on trend! And this means that you do not need to remake yourself beyond recognition. It is enough to even out the tone of the face a little, having previously prepared the skin!

nude makeup

A little blush to give the face a fresh, rested look.

natural makeup

Colored brow gel to give definition and a touch of gloss or lip balm. This makeup takes a few minutes and is easy to transform into any other if necessary.

light makeup

Remember that cosmetics itself does not cause harm if you properly care for your skin, namely:

  • Cleansing according to your skin type;
  • Tonic: restores ph-balance and helps the cream to be better absorbed into the skin;
  • Moisturizing cream for the area around the eyes;
  • Moisturizing face cream.

Quick hairstyle for work, study, business and styling for events

To begin with, do not try to deceive your hair nature!

vivid image

For example: owners of curly hair should not be straightened every day, while those with straight and not voluminous hair should not be combed, etc.

afro curls

Do not torture yourself, do not waste time, and most importantly, do not spoil your hair!

long hair curls
long blonde hair

Well-groomed shiny hair is the key to success.

In addition, there are many styling products in professional hair cosmetics brands that will only accentuate your natural texture, making it more tidy!

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