The experts on how often to wash your hair (and there is no one answer for everyone). BEAUTYHACK

The debate about how often to wash your hair seems to never end. Some perform once a week, others believe that every other day is also the norm. There are those who use shampoo every day. The experts of the American version of Marie Claire gave detailed answers on this topic. And they say that here everything is individual, because everyone has their own type of hair, lifestyle and state of health. And this is where you need to get away from it. We translate the most interesting moments from the article. We think they will definitely come in handy.

1) Decide on your hair type

Antoniette Bullock, DIY natural hair expert for Sally Beauty, says hair type is a major factor to consider when deciding how often to wash your hair.

“For example, I have Type 4 wavy hair so I can wash my hair less often. My daughter has wavy but finer Type 4 hair, which means she needs to shampoo more often,” Antoniette Bullock says in an interview with Marie Claire US.

Also, according to the expert, if you have fine hair that tends to get greasy quickly, you might want to wash your hair more often. On the other hand, if you are struggling with dry hair and scalp, and you have natural hair, it is best to wash your hair as little as possible.

Another aspect of your hair type to consider is their level of porosity, or their ability to absorb and retain moisture. High porosity hair absorbs moisture easily, while low porosity hair makes it worse and needs to be washed more often.

Not sure about hair type or porosity level? Antoniette Bullock advises everyone to use the rule: “Shampooing once or twice a week can be a good starting point for any type of hair.”

And we would add that this point can always be clarified with your hairdresser.

2) Start from your lifestyle

Bullock says that before deciding how often to wash your hair, you need to analyze your lifestyle: how often do you exercise, how much products do you use on your hair before and after styling, how often are you exposed to temperature changes, what are the weather conditions in the city where you live.

This opinion is confirmed by the famous stylist Gregory Patterson. And he says that obviously people who go to the gym five times a week should wash their hair more often than those who do it 1-2 times a week or do not exercise at all. It also depends on the amount of care products: if you use 2-3 styling products during styling, then your hair becomes greasy faster than if you dried it naturally without using beauty products.

3) Observe the condition of the scalp

Patterson also advises taking into account the condition of the scalp. He says that if you’re struggling with dryness and flaking, it’s best to wash your hair less often, or at least choose a good moisturizing shampoo. Conversely, if you have an oily scalp and/or dandruff, you should wash your hair as needed, with a suitable shampoo in preference.

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