The correct pronunciation of brands in Russian

When buying another cosmetic product, we often think about the question: “What is the name of the purchased product in Russian?”.

In order not to find yourself in a delicate situation when choosing perfumes or clothes, you need to learn the correct pronunciation of brands in Russian.

About beauty literacy

Often customers of perfume and cosmetic stores are embarrassed to show their ignorance because they do not know how to pronounce brands in Russian correctly. Therefore, they constantly use the same cosmetics. This is especially true for funds from South Korea. Most consumers never learned how to properly pronounce the names of tricky Korean brands.

About beauty literacy

Nevertheless, there are many generally recognized companies whose exclusive cosmetics have long been loved by thousands of Russian fashionistas. Their names are constantly on hearing: “Christian Dior”, “Chanel”, “Giorgio Armani”, “Versace”. Among the new passions of Russian women are products of the Stellary brand, the correct pronunciation of which is “Stellary”.

When choosing a pronunciation option, it is necessary to take into account the features inherent in a particular foreign language. However, the rules of speech in this case do not always work. Many well-known companies give cosmetic products the names of their creators or famous people. Buyers of cosmetics of different brands need to remember the basic rule of beauty literacy – the brand name sounds the same as the surname (name) of its author.

Mistakes in pronunciation

The Russian consumer is used to pronouncing the names of goods according to the principle “as it is written, so it is read”, but this does not always work. There are exceptions to any rule, especially since it is inherent in the products of companies that produce popular cosmetics. There are fashion brands that are most often mispronounced. These include:

  • German company Babor, founded by biochemist Michael Babor. In Russian, the brand name is pronounced “BAbor”, not “Bober” or “BabOr”;
  • The name of the Italian company Bulgari is commonly mispronounced as “Balgari”. In fact, correctly – “Bulgari”;
  • French branded cosmetics brands Clarins are correctly pronounced “ClarAns” rather than “Clarins” or “Clarin”;
  • The Australian firm “Aussie” is incorrectly referred to as “Osie” or “Ausi”. In fact, you need to say “Ossi”.

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