The coolest author I Buy: vote for your favorite


They are talented, smart and incredibly charming. And we decided to show off – to show you our wonderful authors. And the winner will receive the coolest beauty box from the editor of the Beauty section Yulia Yudina, assembled with love and attention to the individual characteristics of the heroine!

So, who is your favorite among the authors of the portal?

Daria Onegova

I am a calm person who likes to be nostalgic and to be in silence. As a child, she dreamed of becoming a writer in order to create a series of stories about princesses. As a result, I write texts about everything in the world and travel around Russia.

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Anna Zaikova

Hello, I am Anna Zaikova, I write in the “Life” section, because we live in the same apartment for four generations and I have something to tell about family relationships. In “Children” – because I have two of them and they test my strength every day, and in “House” – because my husband and I have already gone through 6 repairs and built a country house, a barn and a doghouse. I also have something to say about this!

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Julia Piliguzova

My life is in art! I worked on music radio for many years, writing my observations on my personal blog, until I was advised to start doing it professionally in the psychological headings. Since then, I have been doing this in various publications. The children’s theme was added to this, because at that time I was already a mother. Later, unexpectedly, she discovered her passion for the Turkish language, so another topic appeared – Turkey, Turkish TV shows, stars, culture and all that stuff!

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Diana Kapatsina

Each woman is unique, and my task is to emphasize this. On my blog, I share fashion hacks for choosing clothes that will fit you perfectly. And there you will find tips on how to create cool combinations from what is in the closet.

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Margarita Sukhikh

Two whales on which my texts stand: fun and expert. I love to write about what I know and love the most: nails and everything connected with them. I regularly torment my male friends with surveys about female beauty and carefully populate my materials with this data. With the zeal of a girl who has finally taken off her medical mask, I test decorative and skin care cosmetics and share cool finds.

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Julia Sidorova

Certified journalist, certified beauty consultant. I understand how cosmetics differ from cosmeceuticals, and sebaceous filaments from black dots. I write about it so that it becomes clear to everyone.

Ashtangist, astrologer, lover of standing on nails. I also enjoy writing and talking about this.

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Evgenia Budyak

While they taught zhi-shi at school, I looked at clothes from Ricardo Tisci. I write reviews on expensive branded items and not only.

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Shatunova Elizabeth

By education – a techie, by position – an eternal freelancer, by way of thinking – a realist. A frenetic workaholic who is constantly on the lookout for a new hobby. Sitting idle is not for me.

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Ekaterina Makeeva

I am a journalist and writer by education and vocation. I love my home and family (there is a husband, two sons and two cats), I furnish a white apartment, draw up a family tree, write biographies and texts for the “I Buy” blog. I am inspired by the heroes of my materials and their projects. I believe that everyone is able to change everything in their life: from the old interior to the profession. You just need to decide on it.

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Olga Hugo

Author of the News section. I like to dismantle stylish looks piece by piece, looking for deeper meanings and references. I study painting, studied art for 10 years and draw to this day. I love covering cultural events in St. Petersburg.

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Maria Ivashentseva

We live in an amazing time, the events around us change like pictures in a kaleidoscope. I want to know and see literally everything! But the greatest desire is to share information. I get tremendous pleasure from my work, I hope readers feel it.

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Arina Ganzhelyuk

Hello, my name is Arina and maybe I will become your best friend on the portal. As a little girl from Kazakhstan, I dreamed about the world of beauty, surrounded by a pile of magazines with the smell of fresh gloss or books of different genres from the local library.
The profession was predetermined with the first letter neatly written in a notebook. At 23, I live with a characteristic cat and a wonderful husband in the cultural capital of Russia. I have already worked with more than 10 publications, I am an ambassador of St. Petersburg second-hand stores, I consider Jack Nicholson the most handsome man on earth, and sometimes I even know a little more about the life of stars or fashion trends than about myself.

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Voting will last until December 19th. Wait for the results!

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