The Coach celebratory campaign with J. Lo reminds us that Christmas is coming – look!

Coach unveils “Feel the Wonder” campaign featuring Jennifer Lopez, recreating the Christmas mood on the set. In the pictures, the celebrity is jumping in snowdrifts in an oversized bomber jacket and warm socks, posing next to a snowman in a tweed suit and a cap, standing next to a photo wallpaper depicting a Christmas tree in leather trousers and a jacket. In general, 100% charges with optimism and festive mood. Looking at the campaign, you just want to put aside all your business and start choosing gifts for your loved ones.

In an interview, J. Lo admitted that she was glad to immerse herself in the atmosphere of Christmas and feel like a child.

“Coach’s holiday campaign recreates the children’s mood. When you are a child, the holidays seem like magic. And it was so great to feel like that again. A rare opportunity when I could have fun at a photo shoot!” Jennifer said, according to People.

The actress and singer also admitted that Christmas is her favorite holiday.

“I love decorating my house and giving gifts. This is the rare time I get to spend with my family. After a busy autumn work schedule, I can really relax, so I look forward to this holiday every year,” she said.

By the way, Lopez will celebrate this Christmas for the first time in the status of Ben Affleck’s wife and will most likely share their joint pictures on social networks. Will wait!

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