Suitable for everyone, but not for me! Why you may not have the effect of beauty procedures (expert opinion). BEAUTYHACK

On the network or among acquaintances, you can hear negative reviews on certain procedures that are considered effective, but did not bring any results. Why this could happen, learned from an expert – a plastic surgeon and dermatocosmetologist Nadezhda Petrash.

Procedures are wrong

There will be no effect from cosmetic procedures if they are chosen incorrectly. Most likely, during the consultation, the specialist could not identify the patient’s problems, so he picked up the wrong care. It is also important to consider that often a complex of techniques is needed for the desired result. And they also need to be done in a certain order. That is why it is so important to contact only qualified cosmetologists and proven clinics.

And one more important point: the patient himself must understand what he wants to receive, and indicate his desires to the beautician.

You may need a course of treatments to be effective.

It happens that a course of procedures is required to solve the problem. For example, one facial massage procedure will not be able to fully satisfy the patient’s request for rejuvenation. A minimum of 10 sessions is required. And this also applies to programs such as mesotherapy, biorevitalization, hardware techniques. If it is not possible to take a course, it is better not to take treatment. There will still be no result. Or be sure to consult with a cosmetologist whether there will be an effect, for example, from five sessions instead of 10.

Some treatments have age restrictions.

When carrying out certain procedures, there are age markers. And this, among other things, applies to botulinum therapy: if you decide to resort to this program for the first time at 50+, then you should not count on the wow effect. Wrinkle correction is carried out from the age of 25, when the first signs of aging appear. If wrinkles have already formed, and you see the result in the form of nasolabial folds, creases (deep wrinkles) and a deformed oval of the face, Botox will not help, you should choose more enhanced rejuvenation programs.

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