Spring is not far off! Procedures to be done now. BEAUTYHACK

The cold season is not the most beneficial for the body. Short daylight hours, temperature fluctuations, frosts, dry air due to heaters and other factors negatively affect the skin and mood. Is it possible to quickly cope with the consequences of aggressive weather conditions? Beauticians say February is a great month to change something up and add something to your beauty routine. If you start now, there is a chance to solve many issues by spring.

It would be nice to do before the beginning of March biorevitalization. This is skin hydration with hyaluronic acid injections. In fact, it is always relevant, but especially in winter. When the skin is confirmed by low temperatures outside and dry indoor air, it is under stress and more than ever needs to be hydrated and nourished from the inside.

Another must have – non-injection mesotherapy DermadropIt hydrates the skin from within and adds radiance. Its advantage is that it is painless, suitable for absolutely everyone, even pregnant and lactating women. An ideal procedure for those who do not like injections and rehabilitation.

Before the onset of spring, I also recommend completing medium peel courses (requiring rehabilitation). And then, in the spring, you can continue to perform superficial all-weather peels. pay attention to acid peelsthey help to get rid of a dull complexion and even out the microrelief of the skin.

If not so long ago you were on vacation and returned from warm regions with pigmentation, it’s time to sign up for photorejuvenation. This is a hardware technique that literally erases unwanted pigment and redness of the skin, stimulates the production of new healthy collagen. It helps to get rid of unwanted pigmentation, strengthen blood vessels, even out skin tone. Photoshop effect on the face!

Consult with your beautician, is it not time to put into battle such weapons as vitamin droppers. They help not only restore strength and energy, but also improve the quality and color of the skin (more on this read here).

And, of course, do not forget about the body. It’s time to start putting it in order, as you will see the effect of the course of procedures in a few months.

RSL- This is a hardware technique that works out muscles, relieves spasms, eliminates swelling and cellulite.

BODY FX – a procedure that eliminates local fat deposits, tightens and tightens the skin. Perfectly complements RSL.

Wraps – a set of procedures that enhance the effect of hardware techniques. For example, Arosha is a one-hour ritual: gentle peeling, massage and self-wrap with active ingredients that strengthen and tighten the skin, activating the lymphatic system.

So that you can see elastic forms and a toned body in the mirror, I recommend Tesla Former. In the gym, our muscles work at 40% of their potential, and with Tesla, muscle fibers contract at 100%. You can work out the areas of the arms, thighs, abdomen and buttocks.

If you have long dreamed of smooth skin, it’s time to think about laser hair removal. Each technique has its own characteristics, but on average, in order for the effects to be noticeable, 5-7 procedures are needed. At the same time, the rest break for the skin, when it needs to be protected from sunlight, is 3-4 weeks. In winter-early spring, this is easy to do. And just when the heat comes, you can already flaunt in a mini.

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