So you definitely shouldn’t wear leather pants: the failure of the always perfect Kate Winslet


During the photocall dedicated to the release of the second part of “Avatar”, Kate appeared, dressed in accordance with the latest fashion trends. The combination of a velvet jacket and a pearl-colored satin blouse, of course, emphasizes the freshness of the skin and the delicate blush that the “British Rose” is famous for.

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However, the bottom of the costume looked like Trinity’s outfit from The Matrix. We do not argue, the 90s are also in trend, but there must be a reasonable approach in everything.

Kate Winslet is the owner of luxurious feminine forms, which she has never been shy about. And things “from the male” wardrobe go to such girls.

However, here the star should have been more attentive to the choice of outfit. Tight pants, according to stylists, go well with different tops. A suitable pair would be an oversized item, such as a hoodie, a spacious T-shirt, a coarse knit jumper.

It is good to combine such trousers with a turtleneck, a shirt of a simple cut.

Particular attention should also be paid to the selection of shoes for tight-fitting leather trousers. To add chic, choose pointed stiletto pumps. For a more relaxed, everyday outfit, ankle boots, shoes in a sports or “rocker” style are suitable.

If Kate had preferred a different style of trousers, then such a file, perhaps, would not have happened. Tapered down “bananas” or a more spacious model with pleats at the waist would fit the star with her parameters much more. Soft cuts and an accent strap at the waist are the best friends of girls with a beautiful figure.

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