Skinasil mesotherapy: preparations for the face, body and hair

In cosmetology, there are different methods for restoring skin health and maintaining youth. Skinasil is mesotherapy with specially designed formulations with active ingredients. The components help improve microcirculation and effectively break down body fat. The line includes mono-compositions and cocktails.

Mesococktails Skinasil: composition

“Strong skin” – this is how the brand name can be translated. Professional cosmetologists confirm the effectiveness of the proposed products. The production of preparations for injections is carried out by the domestic company Martinex.

plant extracts for mesotherapy

Mesococktails consist of a mixture of substances useful for the epidermis that help solve certain problems. When choosing, it is necessary to take into account the client’s age, skin type and the presence of defects, allergic reactions and other features.

The Skinasil formulation is designed to improve the health of the skin of the body and face, improve the condition of the hair. For this, plant extracts, trace elements, vitamin complexes and other active ingredients are used.

The composition includes:

  • Hyaluronic acid: helps retain moisture in the epidermis and positively affects the volume of soft tissues;
  • L-carnitine: speeds up metabolism;
  • Silicon: eliminates fatty tissue (cellulite);
  • Sturgeon caviar: fights dehydration, removes wrinkles and restores a pleasant complexion;
  • Dandelion: has a diuretic effect;
  • Ginkgo biloba: improves blood circulation and has lymphatic drainage properties;
  • Green tea, bile salts: help in the fight against fat, break down cellulite;
  • Collagen and elastin: reduce stretch marks, eliminate scars and scars, tighten the skin;
  • Vitamins of group B: favorably affect the condition of the hair;
  • Caffeine: has a beneficial effect on the metabolism in the epidermis;
  • Artichoke: eliminates puffiness, reduces local fat deposits;
  • Zinc and copper: reduce the risk of early gray hair and strengthen hair follicles;
  • Phleboside: strengthens the walls of blood vessels;
  • Guarana: fights puffiness, performs detoxification, controls cholesterol;
  • DMAE: increase the elasticity of the skin;
  • Centella Asiatica: Boosts natural collagen production and more.

Each component may be provided as a mono-cocktail. The doctor can mix the ingredients himself to achieve the optimal result, reducing the likelihood of an allergic reaction in case of intolerance to any substances.

skinasil preparations

Raw materials for the Skinasil line are supplied from Europe, China and Japan. It complies with the standards set for medicinal products. You can study the certificates on the official website of the company.

Skinasil Benefits

Injection intervention using this line of drugs is especially effective, since they have a number of advantages:

  • High quality of the components that make up monococktails and complex preparations;
  • A wide and constantly growing range, allowing you to choose a product taking into account individual aspects;
  • Production using advanced technologies and the availability of quality certificates for the products provided;
  • Ease of excretion of components from the body;
  • Long-term action of the injection composition – up to 10 months;
  • Ease of storage.

Strict control at all stages of the production of meso-cocktails becomes a guarantee of safety.

“Skinasil”: product line

Mesotherapy is aimed at eliminating age-related changes and their prevention. Preparations differ in the minimum volume and are created for professional use. The effect of treatment with monococktails and complexes comes not after one session, but after the completion of the course of procedures in the clinic.

skinasil preparations on the shelf

The choice of means is made taking into account the history, age, goals of therapy and the area to be treated.

MPX: lipolytic complex

Lipolytic has a beneficial effect on the body due to the active ingredients: dandelion extract and L-carnitine. This combination contributes to the reduction of fatty tissue and reduces tissue swelling. By stimulating the work of the kidneys and liver, the complex helps to get rid of excess fluid and fat breakdown products. It has a positive effect on metabolism and blood circulation.


The complex of hyaluronic acid and elastin has a viscous structure. It can only be used in combination with other components. The gel has an antioxidant effect and effectively fights the signs of aging, restoring moisture to the skin. Allows you to reduce the number of mimic wrinkles, suitable for rejuvenation. It is used before carrying out cosmetic procedures using a laser and chemical peels, as well as plastic surgeries. Eliminates scars and post-acne.

“Body Lift”

The drug includes collagen, DMAE, hydrolastane and is used when it is necessary to increase skin turgor, eliminate ptosis, scars, help restore firmness and elasticity after liposuction. After the injection, the synthesis of elastin fibers begins in the cells, the number of protein crosslinks in collagen molecules decreases, and the blood supply to the epidermis improves.

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