Skin care in spring, summer, autumn and winter, whether to change

Seasonality is not just a marketing ploy. In warm weather, the face needs protection from ultraviolet radiation, heating and frost can easily provoke dryness. Therefore, skin care in spring and autumn should really be different.

Skin care features

Features of skin care

Beauticians advise choosing care according to skin type:

  • Oily skin care. Among the preferred ingredients are algae and aloe vera extracts, niacinamide, hyaluronic and glycolic acids. Avoid silicones and vegetable oils. Aggressive cosmetics are also better to exclude. Cleansing “to the squeak” will only increase the production of sebum;
  • Care for normal skin. Cosmetics should maintain and improve the current condition of the skin. When choosing specific products, focus on the desired effect;
  • Care for dry skin. Such skin needs to be moisturized more often. She suffers more than others from wind, cold air and frost. So here the best option is a combination of soft and moisturizing products. Replace hard scrub and peels with gommage, and instead of facial wash, try cream-gel or milk;
  • Combination skin care. The emphasis should be on clearing the T-zone. Basic care is also supplemented with clay masks, toning concentrates and boosters.

For sensitive skin, the ingredients are important. Parabens, herbal extracts and fragrances often cause irritation. You should be more careful with concentrates – serums, essences, emulsions. Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients:

  • Aloe and chamomile extracts;
  • Betamini and panthenol;
  • Rose, mint and shea oils;
  • Hesperidin and Neutrazen;
  • Zinc salts, etc.
Facial Skin Types

Aging skin needs gentle cleansing. A combination of moisturizers and nourishers will help her look good. It is even better if the cream contains antioxidants, retinol or hyaluron. But it is advisable not to abuse the oils.

Do I need to change care depending on the season

Skin condition is affected by 2 factors:

  • Weather. This category includes the intensity of solar radiation, wind, humidity and air temperature. In cold weather, the face and hands suffer from frost, so “heavy artillery” of nourishing creams takes care of them. And in summer, the whole body needs funds with an SPF factor;
  • Season. With the onset of autumn, activity and metabolism slows down. As a result, the skin requires thorough hydration. In addition, this is an ideal time for peeling, cosmetic and hardware procedures.

So skin care in the spring should be different from the winter or autumn period. Moreover, it is worth changing the set of cosmetics in the off-season.

Rules for the seasons

In winter, it is better to use fatter creams. They not only nourish, but also protect the skin from temperature extremes. For the summer, care is changed in favor of “breathing” textures, up to a complete transition to fluids and emulsions. Particular attention is paid to protection against UV radiation.


The winter period often accompanies dryness and a dull complexion.

Skin care in spring

So skin care in the spring is aimed specifically at recovery:

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