Serena Williams interviews and dozens of collections: how tennis has become the most fashionable sport this season.

While we were sleeping, Serena Williams took her first win in the US Open. For the athlete and her fans, this tournament is significant, as the last in her career. The news about the first match spread not only through the news and sports media, but also through fashionable and semi-fashionable telegram channels. Serena also recently graced the September cover of Vogue US. It was on the pages of Williams magazine and announced the end of the sports path. Lately, tennis has been talked about a lot and in detail in the fashion industry.

So, in July, Miu Miu preferred a tennis club in Saint-Tropez to an ordinary resort pop-up – they rented courts for the day, and dressed bloggers and influencers in the famous mini. In combination with retro style, it turned out to be motivating!

Plus, as American Vogue writes: “In an era of social distancing and outdoor activities, tennis has proven to be an ideal sport. There are 23 meters and a net between you and your opponent.” Jason Kim, senior vice president of marketing at Lacoste North America, says that attention to the aesthetics of tennis and the creation of content on this topic has led to the emergence of a new trend in clothing – Tenniscore.

And if tennis players themselves often want to experiment, putting on black or red on the courts and thereby causing dissatisfaction with the organizers of tournaments and federations, then outside the courts the classic light tennis uniform is just the price. It also serves as a reference for new collections from the brands Kith, Sporty & Rich, Tory Burch, Banana Republic. From overseas examples: our Monochrome presented a tennis-inspired capsule in the summer: polo, sweaters, t-shirts, baseball caps – all in the oversized classic for the brand.

In Great Britain, for example, the royal family adds attention to tennis, for which a visit to Wimbledon every year is a must. There is even a special box Royal box, which they invariably occupy. Elizabeth II herself has not attended matches for a long time, but she is successfully replaced by Kate and William, for whom this is not only a matter of honor, but also a sphere of personal interest.

Back to Tenniscore, thank you for the TikTok trend that has #tenniscore rivaling golf-only hashtags in popularity. As for the Tiktoker uniforms, everything is the same here: pleated minis, voluminous hoodies, classic polos and buttoned wool cardigans, and sometimes even jewelry. The latter, by the way, can be seen on the courts – in the world of real tennis, and this is allowed.

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