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A proctologist is not a specialist to whom people go willingly. Unfortunately, they turn to such doctors when they can no longer tolerate discomfort or have tried all means without getting relief. However, constraint should not become a hindrance to health.

What signs should alert you?


Blood during a trip to the toilet may indicate fairly “harmless” problems, such as the appearance of a crack or an exacerbation of hemorrhoidal disease. However, it can also be associated with serious diseases, including life-threatening ones. Among them are inflammatory bowel diseases, as well as malignant tumors. Blood in this case may be present without any connection with the stool.


If she appeared only once and her appearance is associated, for example, with the use of spicy food, then there is no reason to panic. But regular appearance should alert and encourage you to make an appointment with the doctor as soon as possible.

Mucus can indicate inflammation inside the intestines, as well as the progression of the tumor process. Moreover, the danger is not only malignant tumors, but also benign villous tumors, which are more likely to degenerate into cancer.

Protruding “bumps”

Even those who have not experienced hemorrhoidal disease, at least “schematically” imagine how this disease manifests itself. One of the common symptoms is the appearance of protrusions in the anus. It is very unpleasant to face hemorrhoids, but this condition does not pose a danger to life.

However, the appearance of “bumps” in this area may be associated with more serious problems. For example, this is how paraproctitis manifests itself, in which the perianal gland becomes inflamed, pus accumulates at the site of inflammation, and the bump itself becomes very painful. Paraproctitis does not go away on its own, and its progression is fraught with fatal complications.

Unreasonable weight loss

Losing weight is the desire of many, but if you did not strive for this, did not take any steps to reduce weight, and in general the lost kilograms were not superfluous, then you should not leave it unattended.

Sudden weight loss for no apparent reason is a reason to consult a doctor. You can go to a therapist who will send you to specialized specialists, or you can immediately sign up for a coloproctologist to be examined for malignant neoplasms of the intestine.


Any pain is a signal that something is wrong in the body, a marker that indicates that health should be paid attention to. If you feel pain in the anus and rectum, while you have not been injured and have not eaten anything spicy, then make an appointment with a proctologist. This is especially important to do if the pain does not disappear within a few days.

Go to the doctor boldly, discuss with him alarming symptoms and ask questions that concern you. Only in this case, the proctologist will be able to figure out exactly what your problem is and how exactly you need to approach treatment.

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