Salad with baked grapes or onion cappuccino soup: the most unusual dishes from the Lenten menu of Moscow restaurants. BEAUTYHACK

Many restaurants in Moscow have prepared a special Lenten menu for spring. chose the most interesting offers!

GRACE Bistro

Address: st. Spiridonovka, 25/20 building 1

In GRACE Bistro, it was possible to find dishes suitable for fasting before: for example, cauliflower carpaccio, fried artichoke with mint or corn soup with tofu. However, Vladimir Chistyakov, the brand chef of the establishment, prepared a special menu for February 27. It contains green salads, buckwheat with morels and shallots, baked ramiro with walnuts (pictured) and many other interesting dishes prepared with wafu sauce, tahina and fragrant furikake fish seasoning.

Also pay attention to the desserts of pastry chef Yulia Posazhennikova – gluten-free muffins with orange juice, pumpkin, prunes and coconut flakes, as well as chocolate tarts with almond-hazelnut praline, chocolate ganache and cherry jam.


Address: st. Petrovka, 2

Post on the “Green Menu” BURO. TSUM without animal protein, gluten, lactose and even refined sugar can be kept not only for ideological reasons, but also for detox on the eve of spring. Chef Egor Makarov and pastry chef Yulia Posazhennikova have compiled one of the largest Lenten menus in Moscow with 23 dishes and 4 desserts! Vegetables, of course, come to the fore, but the technique of their preparation is fascinating: carrots are cooked on robata, simmered in vegetable broth with miso and cumin and served with shiso sauce and cashew sour cream; A cauliflower and broccoli are baked and laid out on almond and sesame sauces (pictured).

Desserts include blueberry pies, almond biscuits with blackcurrant compote, chocolate tarts with coconut cream, and banana and cocoa sweets with orange and cashews.

Fish Culture»

Address: st. New Arbat, 17

Anatoly Derenchuk, the chef of Fish Culture restaurants, loves and knows how to work with vegetables, inventing new combinations, but not forgetting the classics. How do you like, for example, a salad with Turkish white pickled cucumbers, Uzbek tomatoes and leeks and fries under fragrant unrefined oil? Or a zucchini keto roll that has no rice but mini asparagus, guacamole and bell peppers?

Also pay attention to the main hot dish – cauliflower with tofu mousse and smoked cashews. And try the main hit – Jerusalem artichoke biscuit (in the photo – in the lower right corner)his chef decorates with black caviar and red currants.


Address: Novinsky boulevard, 8

The Levantine restaurant presents a lean and maximally balanced menu. The first course is a salad of young asparagus with parsnips, sweet potatoes and broccoli, with chicory, sunflower sprouts and cilantro and Gamadari sauce. Second – soup celery with apple chutney, hot peppers and lean sour cream (pictured). For the main dish – a dish of four types of cabbage with a thick spicy sauce with kimchi and stewed Ramiro peppers stuffed with couscous and tomato marmalade.

For those with a sweet tooth, chefs prepare apple burek pie with Antonovka sorbet.

Kislovsky Taste&Place

Address: Bolshoi Kislovsky lane1, page 2

The chef of the Kislovsky Taste&Place restaurant, Ilya Karpaev, came up with a complex and large Lenten menu, and mixed recipes from different countries in each dish. He cooks traditional Middle Eastern hummus with roasted peppers and lush Italian tomato focaccia, and combines the usual Moscow region beets with pickled cucumbers, but adds sauce with Japanese Wasabi. There are also a lot of potatoes on the menu: for example, potato croquettes stuffed with morels and oyster mushrooms with red cabbage demi-glace sauce (pictured) or a potato baked whole in salt and stuffed with pickled cucumbers, mushrooms and chickpeas.

The main hit is an appetizer of pickled strawberries with fried Asian tofu and lavender honey. Moreover, strawberries are marinated for two days in the juice of celery, apples and cilantro with homemade adjika.


Address: Sadovnicheskaya embankment, 7

Nikita Kuzmenko, head chef of the Touch restaurant, has relied on a combination of the most unusual ingredients that make the dish unique. His salad garni contains only about a dozen green ingredients: asparagus, cucumber, kohlrabi, zucchini, peas, sorrel, avocado oil infused with green rinds, garni greens. He added juniper to the pea jelly, gin to the cucumber jelly, and strawberries to the sorrel sauce. At the same time, honey mushroom pate with coconut milk enhances the taste of mushroom cakes and caramelized onions with cloves even brighter.

And, perhaps, one of the brightest dishes on the menu – onion cappuccino soup (pictured)which hides mushroom stew under airy almond foam.

The Greeks

Address: st. Neglinnaya, 15

The Greeks lenten menu has even more olive oil instead of butter, and Greek recipes are combined with Turkish and Mediterranean ones. So, instead of the famous Greek salad, the chef of the restaurant Nikita Brekhov offers large green salad with baked grapes, zucchini and cucumber (pictured). And to the homemade cake and pita “Greeks” – muhammaru with walnuts, sun-dried tomatoes and Spanish olives.

Also among the interesting dishes are fragrant mushroom chips, which decorates orzo pasta with royal champignons, and homemade soup on the narich vegetable broth with roasted carrots, peppers, onions and sun-dried tomatoes.

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