Russian manicure: what is this trend and why is it so popular. The master tells


It looks like a checkmate to those who believe that Russia has lost all its achievements on the world stage. The whole world is going crazy for Russian manicure. Let’s see what kind of animal this is and why getting to the Russian master abroad is such a great success.

What it is?

There is no unambiguous definition of what “Russian manicure” is technically at the moment. I took courses with Anna Chalova in a group with girls from Serbia and Germany: according to them, in the price lists, “Russian manicure” means combined skin treatment (with a machine and wire cutters or scissors). There is an opinion that we are talking about a super-clean hardware manicure, without pterygium residues in the sinuses and with perfectly polished rollers.

The legendary Davida Master nippers are marked in the instructions: “for Russian manicure”. So what do these approaches have in common? Russian manicure refers to an absolutely clean manicure, such that the skin around the nails looks just great, and the color coating can be applied under the cuticle, and not indented.

How is it done?

To achieve this goal, all tools are good, the main thing is that the master masters them masterfully and does not damage the client’s skin and nail plate. Performing Russian manicure requires pedantry, utmost accuracy, accuracy of each movement.

This is fundamentally important, because here the master works on the border of living skin, and he needs to “walk the tightrope over the abyss”: on the one hand, perfect cleanliness, and on the other, comfort, painlessness and safety for the client.

Here we tell you how to recognize an inept manicurist in advance: 6 sure signs.

What is included in Russian manicure?

  • The perfect sawdust. This means that the nails are filed in one clear shape, the proportions of length and width are observed (the index and ring fingers are the same, the nail on the middle finger is the same or slightly longer, depending on the width of the bed, on the little finger – a little shorter than the ring finger, on the thumb – a little longer average).
  • Thoroughly cleaned sinuses of the nail, no traces of pterygium. The side rollers are polished without traces of dryness.
  • The cuticle is completely removed and polished, the appearance of burrs after a couple of days is unacceptable. With such cleanliness, there are no wounds and cuts.
  • If a coating is performed according to Russian manicure, the nail plate is perfectly aligned, without “buns” in the sides, with perfect nail architecture and, as a result, with a fashionable “perfect highlight”. The color is applied under the cuticle, due to which the manicure retains a fresh look longer.

Do you think it’s long? Here are 6 rules for those who do not want to spend more than an hour on a manicure. The master speaks.

Go Russia!

We, residents of the post-Soviet space (and Russian manicure is mainly taught in the territory of the former CIS), are spoiled by the average high quality of the work of masters. And if you look at what they do in an ordinary salon in the States and in Europe (and most importantly – for what money!), I guarantee: your eye will twitch. And the explanation that in Europe the removal of the cuticle is considered a “micro operation” does not justify the barely cut off burrs and streaks around the entire perimeter of the coating. In our country, this would not be forgiven even for a student at the first working off.

Therefore, we are lucky to live in Russia, if only because our women have the most beautiful and well-groomed hands in the world. And I am glad that many European masters go to Russia to learn nail wisdom!

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Dry margarita
Dry margarita

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    Only today I read on Zen that these types of manicure are no longer in fashion. So what to believe?

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