Rural glamour: the worst looks from the Golden Gramophone 2022


So one of the most anticipated events of December has died down – the 27th presentation of the Golden Gramophone award. Time to make out who miscalculated with the outfit.

Anna Semenovich

The ex-vocalist of the “Brilliant” recorded a joint track with Slava, and now the singers appear on the red carpet together. The stars came to the Gramophone in pairs, like yin and yang. However, the image of Anna, apparently, was not finalized … The singer has a spectacular appearance, but the trousers embroidered with monograms at first glance seem to be leggings, and in combination with sandals they look like the notorious rural glamor. Perhaps black tights and plain trousers would change the situation.


The brothers-performers became the debutants of the Golden Gramophone. From the outfits of the singers, it is noticeable that the event is new to them, and the laws of the dress code have not been written at all. Windbreakers with sneakers, of course, are combined with the hit “The whole district will hear”, but it would be possible to strain your imagination at the solemn ceremony, and not come in costumes of “boys from the district”.

Sergey Lazarev

Twice representative of Russia at Eurovision, multiple participant of the Golden Gramophone, host of Song of the Year. The talent of Sergei Lazarev is not to be questioned. Not to mention the taste. The ex-vocalist of the Smash group is very imposing and charming, but the “gypsy businessman” style has not yet gone to anyone. Thanks already for the fact that it is not velvet and not velveteen. But if suddenly the Basque discovers the loss in his wardrobe, then we know who to suspect in the first place!

Natalia Podolskaya

The star of the Star Factory-5 decided to try something art-house, but, apparently, confused the award with a museum of modern art. Fans’ opinions about the experimental outfit were divided. At the very least, the combination of different materials, double skirt and underbust neckline looks very unusual.

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