Restylane for contouring – features of the procedure

In modern cosmetology, there are non-surgical methods for correcting wrinkles and some parts of the face. One of them is contouring with Restylane.

What is Restylane

Restylane is a safe injectable cosmetic product based on hyaluronic acid. The substance maintains the necessary level of moisture in the skin. It is synthesized by the human body, but over time it begins to be produced less.

As a result, dehydration of the skin occurs and wrinkles appear. The use of “Restylane” allows you to compensate for the lack of hyaluronic acid in skin tissues.

The drug has the form of a filler – a special gel. Restylane was invented in 1996. Until now, it has been successfully used in cosmetology around the world.

The benefits of the drug

The drug has several advantages:

  • Biogel is safe and has low allergenicity. Since the main component of the filler hyaluronic acid is a completely natural substance, the body does not try to reject it;
  • The positive effect after the procedure is visible immediately. It manifests itself as much as possible within a week – the biogel needs to be evenly distributed under the skin tissues;
  • On average, the result lasts for 6-8 months, depending on the characteristics of the skin. In the future, injections can be repeated;
  • There is no long recovery period after the procedure. After the injection, the patient can immediately return to their usual activities. It is only recommended to observe small restrictions – do not apply cosmetics to the skin for several days, avoid visiting the sauna, do not exercise, give up bad habits.

Restylan has good compatibility with other cosmetic procedures. Three weeks after the injections, you can perform a chemical peel for the face, two weeks later – Botox injections.

List of contraindications

Despite the safety and low risk of an allergic reaction, Restylane still has several contraindications. These include:

  • Any blood disease;
  • Oncology;
  • Diabetes;
  • Herpes;
  • The period of exacerbation of any chronic disease.

Patients undergoing antibiotic treatment and women during pregnancy should also refrain from the procedure.

Procedure steps

The Restylane contouring procedure is carried out in stages:

  1. First, the skin is thoroughly cleansed. It is important to rid it of cosmetics and everyday pollution;
  2. Determine injection points. Work areas are wiped with an antiseptic;
  3. An anesthetic is applied. Anesthetic cream is used at the request of the patient;
  4. Biogel is injected intradermally using a thin needle.
restylan injection

After the filler enters the tissues, the hyaluronic acid contained in it begins to accumulate water molecules. Due to this, the covers become more voluminous – they are smoothed out, their elasticity increases.

In some cases, there may be mild side effects in the form of slight swelling, redness, and small hematomas at the puncture site. They disappear on their own within 5-7 days.

Types of drug

Restylan is a base gel that is suitable for the correction of medium depth wrinkles. It also has several other types:

  • Restylane Perlane. The filler has a thicker consistency. Therefore, this type of “Restylane” corrects deep wrinkles, including folds between the eyebrows and in the nasolabial zone. “Perline” is suitable for plasty of certain areas on the cheekbones and chin. There is a subspecies of Restylane Perline Lidocaine, which contains an anesthetic;
  • Restylane touch. It is used to smooth fine wrinkles on delicate, thin skin;
  • Restylane Lipp. This type of drug is used on areas in the lips, around the nose and mouth;
  • Restylane Vital. The drug is used for skin care. It is used in mesotherapy and biorevitalization procedures. Many injections it is injected into the skin. The gel retains its properties for a long time, leading to an improvement in the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Restylane Vital is used for aging skin that has already shown signs of aging. For the young, there is a subspecies of Restylane Vital Light;
  • Restylane SubQ. The gel is used for injections in the area of ​​the cheeks, cheekbones, chin. Suitable for face oval correction.

The choice of a suitable type of drug is handled by a cosmetologist-dermatologist after examining the skin.

Areas of application of the types of the drug

The table shows the characteristics of the types of the drug “Restylane”.

Type of drug Insertion depth The degree of elasticity of the biogel The severity of the lifting effect
Restylane Middle dermis Elastic Medium
Restylane Lip Volume Submucosal layer Elastic Medium and high
Restylane Perlane Subcutaneous fat and deep dermis Elastic high
Restylane SubQ Periosteal, in the subcutaneous fat layer Very resilient Very high

Features of biogel “Restylane”

Restylane is manufactured by the Swedish company Q-MED AB. The brand first introduced the filler in 1996. The use of the drug is approved worldwide. Mass distribution of biogel began after its successful testing in America by the Food and Drug Administration. Since then, the Restylane line of fillers has remained the most popular among the drugs in this group.

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