Rejuvenation in one move: styling and hairstyles that visually throw off 10 years


When you hear about rejuvenation, for some reason, first of all, needles and the serious face of a beautician appear. But this is all nonsense, because you can rejuvenate by simply combing your hair in the right direction. Can you imagine? Yes, the effect is temporary. But who cares when the holidays are ahead and you want to look irresistible.

Keep 5 hair styling hacks that will take 10 years off your face! Checked.

Low bangs and waves

This is a great combo! The bangs will hide wrinkles on the forehead, and the waves will add volume and playful mood to the hair. All this is damn young. But be careful: the bangs should not be dense, with an even cut (look at the curtain), and the waves should be just waves, and not small curls, otherwise the effect will be the opposite.

slicked back hair

If you have a long neck and a beautiful, even hairline, this is your option! A ponytail (high or low), a loose bun, or a crab will bring out your best features. With the help of a tail, you can even achieve a lifting effect by pulling your hair tighter. The main thing is not to abuse this hairstyle: hair follicles get tired of constant tension and can weaken. Let it be an option for a special occasion.


Wind your hair into large and slightly sloppy curls – this will create visual volume and a festive mood. But do not be zealous with styling, curls should be mobile and elastic. Also, do not try to wind up extremely carefully: small and identical curls, like a doll, again, will add years.

Ends from the face

If you have shoulder-length hair, curl the ends away from your face. The simplest trick, but rejuvenates worse than Botox. And in general, the face with it looks fresher, sweeter and brighter. And this styling is back on the fashion agenda, so you can be at the party not only the most beautiful, but also the most stylish!

Loose braid

Also a trendy hairstyle and also with a youthful effect. And the best part is that it is done literally with one left hand! The freer and more careless, the better. Decorate your braided hair with trendy hairpins or a headband – and now you are a real fairy. One thing: the hair for this braid should be of medium density or length. Rare ones will not lay down as they should.

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