Reduce or increase volume, correct curvature: how plastic surgeons make legs perfect.

Plastic surgery to correct the volume or shape of the legs sounds pretty scary. How it is carried out, whether there is a real effect from it, what health risks can be – all these questions were asked to the surgeon.

To reduce volume

In order to make the hips and legs look slimmer, laser liposuction is used. And this is the most effective and least traumatic way to reduce volume. Excess fat is removed through micropunctures, after the operation they are almost invisible and heal quickly. And thanks to the laser beam, which treats the skin from the inside, a strong collagen framework is created, making the skin more elastic and supple.

To increase the volume and correct the shape of the legs

The ugly shape of the shins or the curvature of the legs is the second common problem that makes women turn to plastic surgery. There are two types of operation in this zone.

If the lower leg is voluminous (thick ankle), liposuction is performed. But you need to approach liposuction in this area very carefully, this area is quite dangerous.

If the lower leg, on the contrary, is thin, then croroplasty is done (an operation in which implants are placed). Implants have different shapes and sizes, which allows you to easily choose the right size for both a woman and a man with any complexion. In addition, the density of implants, which are filled with silicone gel, are similar in density to the natural density of the soft tissues of the lower leg, so they are not felt by the patient and do not interfere with walking or movement. In order to carry out this operation, an incision is made under the knee, and then the implant is inserted there and fixed by the calf muscle. The operation takes no more than an hour, and the rehabilitation period lasts about a month.

Sometimes, to give the legs a really perfect look, these operations are combined: both liposuction and cruroplasty are performed.


Contraindications for liposuction and cruroplasty, as well as in other surgical interventions, are:

– pregnancy,
– diabetes,
– diseases of the heart and blood vessels, varicose veins and thrombophlebitis,
– chronic diseases.

Complications and risks

Complications and risks in plastic surgery with a competent doctor are almost close to zero. But if something is done wrong, the most dangerous thing that can happen after liposuction is fat or thromboembolism.

In some cases, infections can develop, so the patient is often prescribed antibiotics.

Of the aesthetic consequences, bruises are most likely to appear at the site of intervention, which sometimes do not disappear even within a month. It is also possible prolonged numbness at the site of liposuction, sagging and flabbiness of the skin. If the recommended mode is not observed, bumps and bumps may appear, and completely asymmetrically.

But, I repeat, nothing like this will happen if you choose a good clinic and a highly qualified doctor who already had experience in this area of ​​plastic surgery!

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