Red lipstick: who it suits, how to choose your shade and 10 best samples


They began to paint their lips red back in Babylon (but, in fact, I’m sure that even earlier, just the information was not preserved). Imagine, the prototype of red lipstick appeared long before our era, but to this day no other cosmetic product has been invented that would have been in fashion for so long and would be so desirable!

Red lipstick is a makeup constant. Always in trend. Always appropriate. Always fits. And if you don’t use it, then you just haven’t found your shade yet. Therefore, in fact, we are here with you today and gathered to find out everything about the beauty seductress and finally find your charm.

Who is red lipstick for?

Shades of red lipstick

How to choose a shade for the color of the skin, hair and eyes

How to paint lips with red lipstick

10 best red lipsticks

Who is red lipstick for?

Of course, young girls. And also for women after 30. Ladies of elegant age. And grandmothers. That is, everyone! With no exceptions. But why are many people afraid of red lipstick and say that it does not suit them? Because there is only one color, but it has a million shades.

Red can be neutral, cool or warm. It can be with pink, brown, pigeon, orange. There are matte lipstick, satin, glossy and even liquid. Feel how many options you have now? But there is no need to be afraid, then we will analyze everything in detail.

Shades of red lipstick

Additional colors are responsible for the richness of the red palette. They also change the temperature of the red color of the lipstick. If in its pure form it is neutral, then with the addition of blue, red becomes cold, and with the addition of yellow, it becomes warm. And this is a very important point when choosing lipstick. But more on that later, first let’s distribute the shades.

Cool red lipsticks:

  • Crimson
  • Purple
  • Wine
  • Pinkish
  • Ruby
  • Cranberry

Warm red lipsticks:

  • Coral
  • tomato
  • reddish
  • Red tree

Neutral red lipsticks:

  • Scarlet
  • Bloody
  • watermelon

How to choose a shade for the color of the skin, hair and eyes

The colors of our appearance will best tell you which shade of red lipstick to choose. The decisive word, of course, for the skin.

To the skin

For classic “snow whites”, whose skin is white or pinkish, berry variations of red are ideal: raspberry and cranberry. If you want more drama – you can also wine.

If the skin is fair, but its undertone is not pink, but yellowish, your option is cherry. And those shades where orange pigment is present are banned – with such red lipstick you will look older, and others will bother you with questions about your well-being.

Medium skin with yellow and olive undertones is good friends with all warm shades of red. It will look especially impressive if you use a red pencil from a cold palette to work out the contour. Wow, beauty!

Dark-skinned women are suitable for neutral red, as well as rich dark shades: burgundy, marsala, ruby.

To the eyes

Not that they affect the selection of red lipstick, but the right shade can work in their favor – the eyes will become brighter!

Gray and blue eyes will beautifully shade lipsticks with an orange undertone. They will add tenderness and sincerity to the look. But tomato lipstick, on the contrary, will make the look hard and steel.

Brown eyes can drown anyone in their eyes if they use wine lipstick. Drown and intoxicate!

The secret weapon of the owners of green eyes is berry shades. With them you will bewitch and bewitch everyone.

to hair

If you are a blonde and your shade of blonde is cold, red lipstick should be the same. And vice versa.

Classic brunettes should look at scarlet or beetroot. Brown hair will suit lipstick with a copper undertone or golden. Blue-black hair? Then you and red lipstick with a bluish tint, cold as a February night!

Do you feel the pattern? That’s right: the shade and temperature of the hair themselves suggest what your red lipstick should be. For redheads – orange and yellowish undertones, for brown-haired women – berry. Fair-haired are the luckiest: any option will suit you!

How to paint lips with red lipstick

Red lipstick is only as good as it is insidious. If you even have microscopic flaws on your face, it will emphasize everything, rogue! Therefore, we approach makeup more carefully.

First of all, you need to take care of the i-de-al-ton tone of the face. Makeup preparation, primer, concealer, tone. Everything is well and evenly shaded. Now the lips – they should not have a peel. Therefore, before applying red lipstick, we scrub them, moisturize them with a balm, after 5-10 minutes we remove its excess and take up a sharply sharpened pencil.

A contour pencil is necessary because red lipstick requires precision and graphic application. The shade of the pencil and lipstick should match (but remember that they may differ in temperature). Outline the lips carefully, not forgetting to paint over the corners. If the line is uneven, use the concealer as an eraser.

Fill your lips with your red lipstick, it’s best to do it with a brush, not a stick or applicator. Try not to go on the mucous membrane of the lips so that the color is not imprinted on the teeth.

10 best red lipsticks

Clarins, Lip Comfort Oil Intense – shades 03 intense raspberry, 07 intense red

First of all, it’s beautiful! And secondly (and most importantly), the tint oil gives a rich lasting color and a mirror shine, while simultaneously nourishing delicate skin – it’s not for nothing that the technologists added organic hazelnut, jojoba and cranberry oils! I like the creamy texture, which is easy to apply and does not feel on the lips.

Shade 03 – rich raspberry, in good light I would even call pink fuchsia – refreshes the face and looks fervently in spring. Intense red 07 suitable for evening make-up – it requires perfect skin.

Pupa, Vamp! – shade 303

The name “Cult Red” speaks for itself! AT this lipstick from the Italian brand it is easy to imagine Marilyn Monroe, Dita Von Teese and Renata Litvinova (who knows, maybe the last two beauties use it?). It makes lips voluminous and moisturized, does not spread, does not clog into cracks and pleases with pure expensive color. Well, nothing more is needed.

Romanovamakeup, Sexy Lipstick Pen – Perfect Red

Think red lipstick doesn’t suit you? Ha, you just shade Perfect Red did not have! It has a neutral undertone that does not yellow the teeth and brightens the eyes. I would wear this lipstick with black liner or dark smoky and don’t forget the lip liner for a more defined contour. I like the format of the pencil – now I do lip makeup quickly, and sometimes on the run.

OK Beauty, Color Salute Matt & Stay – Shade Dita

Red lipstickwhich looks great at any age! The coating is matte, dense, but it is not felt on the lips. Separately, I note a convenient beveled sponge and a dispenser that works like a good face controller in a nightclub and does not allow excess to seep through. The texture is mousse, dries quickly,…

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