Rating of the best cushions, Korean and other manufacturers

The word “cushion” refers to a special form of production of cosmetic products. It is an aseptic sponge, which is impregnated with a decorative agent or care cream.

The ranking of the best Korean cushions includes creams and fluids for oily, dry and aging skin.

What is a cushion

The shape of the cushion resembles a powder box or a small box. Inside lies a sponge, abundantly soaked in a liquid preparation. There is a small mirror on the underside of the lid. A sponge with antibacterial properties is attached to the application.

What is a cushion

The first cushions contained only foundation. Vitamins, UV protection factors and extracts from medicinal herbs were added to its composition. Many women liked this form of packaging, so manufacturers began to produce blush, lipstick, eye shadow in the form of cushions. If necessary, you can assemble a set for a full make-up.

What is the difference from foundation

The products included in the rating of the best facial cushions differ from the classic foundation in composition and consistency. The BB products that the sponge is impregnated with have not only masking properties, but also take care of the skin:

  • Due to the high content of essential oils and herbal extracts, they eliminate greasy shine, acne and other problems;
  • Actively moisturize and saturate the cells of the epidermis and intercellular space;
  • Having a light plastic texture, they do not create the effect of a mask on the face;
  • Contains UV filters to protect against harsh sun rays.
What is the difference from foundation

Creams such as CC have less ability to mask skin imperfections. They are designed to eliminate excessive yellowness or redness of the face.

How to use the cushion

If you press on the impregnated surface with the top sponge, it will absorb some of the cosmetic product. Then you can apply the product to the skin. The sequence of actions when applying the cushion:

  1. Pre-cleanse and moisturize the skin of the face;
  2. Put the top sponge on the index and middle fingers of the right hand;
  3. Lightly press your fingers on the bottom pillow, typing a little cream;
  4. Spread with light pats over the skin in the right places;
  5. If necessary, you can apply the product in several layers.

After applying the cushion, there is a feeling of moisture. To avoid it, you can additionally use powder or products with a matting effect.

You can remove makeup with micellar water or other usual methods.

Thanks to the convenient compact packaging, the cushion is easy to carry in your bag. If necessary, you can refresh your makeup at any time.

Pros and cons of cushions

Cosmetics in the form of cushions aroused great interest among women. Users and cosmetologists highly appreciated:

  • Convenience – the tool itself and the applicator are in one package, which is convenient to carry with you;
  • Profitability – the sponge allows you to collect a small amount of cream;
  • Even application on the skin;
  • Ease of use – even a girl who does not know how to use cosmetics can apply the cream.

However, even the best cushions with foundation are not always suitable for owners of problem skin. If there is an inflammatory process, pathogenic bacteria can get from the skin to the pad and multiply there. To avoid this, it is better to use medicinal compositions containing antiseptics.

Pros and cons of cushions

When choosing which is better – a cushion or foundation, you need a small amount of the drug in the package. The porous pad is able to hold about 15 ml of the product. For the same money, you can buy 30 – 50 ml of BB cream in a tube.

How to choose a good cushion

Each tool has a different density and texture. It is necessary to choose according to the purpose of use and skin type. The most dense creams will reliably mask the skin’s reaction to the action of frost and wind.

For the summer period, it is better to choose a cushion that resembles cosmetic fluids in properties. They even out the tone of the face and hide small imperfections. For problematic skin, therapeutic formulations are produced. They include antiseptic components, plant extracts.

Cosmetologists and makeup artists recommend choosing the first cushion in a retail store or using a “probe”. This will allow you to choose the right tone of the product. When ordering in the online store, this option is not available.

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