Rafael Nadal and his wife released a fragrance: why this perfume was called the most romantic premiere of autumn.

22-кратный чемпион турниров «Большого шлема», вторая ракетка мира испанец Рафаэль Надаль вместе с супругой Марией Перелло выпустил линейку ароматов под названием In All Intimacy.

«Я очень публичный человек, когда дело касается работы, но я считаю, что главным моим успехом является то, как мы с Марией сумели построить нашу жизнь. Сейчас мы делаем новый шаг в нашей жизни (о рождении сына), поэтому мы подумали: почему бы не создать что-нибудь совместное?» — приводит слова Надаля Vogue.

Ароматы вдохновлены родиной Надаля – Мальоркой. «Я хотел чего-то свежего, чистого, чего-то с оттенком Средиземноморья», — отметил Надаль.

Подробнее на «Чемпионате»:

The second racket of the world, 22-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal has released a line of fragrances for lovers. On creation in all intimacy he was inspired by his homeland – Mallorca and relationship with wife Maria. Oneither met at school, and have been together for 17 years since then.

“I am a public and successful person when it comes to work. But still, I consider my main achievement to be the way Maria and I managed to build our lives. We are now taking a new stepOn October 8, their son was born, – ed..), so we thought: why not create something together, pay tribute to our love, ”he explained in an interview with Vogue. – I work out almost every day, and after a shower I love to use fragrances. They help me recover, relax and feel fresh. So it became a good logical idea.”

Together with the perfume house Henry Jacques, the family released a paired fragrance. Rafael by Nadal – a shade of the azure sea of ​​Mallorca. The bouquet contains notes of coriander, lemon, Spanish artemisia, complemented by cedar wood, leather, citrus bursts and freesia. Perello by Mary (that’s her maiden name) golden Coloura soft and elegant perfume based on violet, orange blossom, bergamot, jasmine, sandalwood and musk. Interestingly, Rafael and his wife, without saying a word, chose notes of bergamot, jasmine and sandalwood for their perfumes. It became a link between them.

The couple believes that these fragrances will strengthen the relationship between lovers. For example, Nadal plans to take a bottle of Maria with him during business trips in order to smell her scent. And leave yours to her to remind you of yourself and your feelings. The media have already called the novelty the most romantic perfume this fall.

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