Puffy sleeves, eco-leather and tweed: 28 dresses for winter. BEAUTYHACK

Stylist and fashion influencer Elvira Yankovskaya talked about how to look as feminine as possible even in winter. And the editors of BeautyHack.ru, based on Elvira’s recommendations, chose the best options for dresses. Many of them are now on good discounts!

There are seven main trends – tweed, knitted dress, leather or eco-leather, knitwear, puffed sleeves, drapery, jacket dress. Let’s analyze each trend in more detail.


Comment by Elvira Yankovskaya: “Tweed is the signature fabric of Chanel. Tweed dresses have the magic of sophistication and elegance, especially when combined with high boots. This look is perfect for work and business meetings.”

In the photo: dress, Lusio, 14,950 rubles;

dress, Lusio, 16,990 rubles;

dress, 12 Storeez, 29,980 rubles;

dress, Lusio, 18,990 rubles.

knitted dress

Comment by Elvira Yankovskaya: “Knitted dress is a necessary part of the wardrobe in winter. Many consider this image boring, but fashion trends refute this opinion. The loose style of the dress can be safely combined with a shirt underneath or use a belt. Puffed sleeves add a touch of elegance. Jewelry chains will also help to diversify the image. If you want to add mystery and mysticism, attach a flower brooch, and if you need to stand out from the crowd, wrap a few belts around the silhouette.”

In the photo: dress, Lime, 2599 rubles;

plvtier, To Be Blossom, 9090 rubles;

dress, O’STIN, 1199 rubles.

Leather or eco-leather

Comment by Elvira Yankovskaya: “Leather dresses do not lose their popularity. Ideal colors are black and all shades of brown. An excellent acquisition will be a sundress dress that can be combined with a shirt or turtleneck. The image with a leather dress can no doubt be called spectacular, standing out from the crowd.

In the photo: dress, 12 Storeez, 14,980 rubles;

dress, 12 Storeez, 84,980 rubles;

dress, 12 Storeez, 69,980 rubles;

dress, O’STIN, 1999 rubles.


Comment by Elvira Yankovskaya: “A knitted dress is a comfortable and practical wardrobe item that will never go out of style. Combined with accessories, this look will become a staple in your wardrobe.”

In the photo: dress, 2 Mood, 10 980 rubles;

dress, Lichi, 5499 rubles;

dress, Lime, 5999 rubles;

dress, To Be Blossom, 7990 rubles.

puff sleeves

Comment by Elvira Yankovskaya: “This is the trend of the season. Puffs, gigots, lanterns, godet, frills create a gentle and elegant look. You will see, they will still come in handy in spring and cool summer. Attention! For an inverted triangle figure, puffy sleeves will not work.

In the photo: dress, Lichi, 6999 rubles;

dress, 12 Storeez, 14,980 rubles;

dress, TopTop, 6790 rubles;

dress, Lime, 2599 rubles;

dress, Lichi, 6499 rubles.


Comment by Elvira Yankovskaya: “Drapery looks good on satin, silk and velvet models. The trend is appropriate for festive events and business meetings.

In the photo: dress, Zarina, 3599 rubles;

dress, Lime, 3599 rubles;

dress, All We Need, 10 490 rubles;

dress, All We Need, 11,990 rubles.

Jacket dress

Comment by Elvira Yankovskaya: “Don’t forget the jacket dress. More recently, it has become a staple in women’s wardrobe. This image looks sophisticated and elegant. There are many variations of the jacket dress: asymmetrical cut, sleeveless, with an emphasis on the waist, elongated and evening versions.

In the photo: dress, 2 Mood, 15,980 rubles;

dress, Lichi, 7499 rubles;

dress, All We Need, 5595 rubles;

dress, TopTop, 4495 rubles.

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