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Supernote Ultimate Planner 2023-2024, Digital Hyperlinked PDF, Supernote A5X / A6X Templates

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Digital Ultimate Planner template for SuperNote tablets.

✅ Customize 2 daily pages. There are 25 templates to schedule, journal, keep track of your fitness, make task lists, etc.

✅ Select 4 weekly pages. If you choose the Weekly Schedule 5 Days, for example, you will see hyperlinks to your two daily pages in your schedule. You can also choose notes pages, various trackers, a self-care checklist, etc.

✅ Choose 2 monthly pages. Plan and overview your strategies, set priorities, create task lists, or just be creative.

⭐ Your Ultimate Planner includes ⭐

✓ Index Page with navigation tabs, quick notes board, and reminders;
✓ 2023–2024 Calendars;
✓ Quarterly Planner;
✓ Yearly Goals & Overview;
✓ Monthly Planner;
✓ Monthly Goals & Overview;
✓ Monthly Budget, Expense Tracker;
✓ Weekly Planner;
✓ Weekly Goals & Overview (variation: Weekly Rhythm Register);
✓ Workout Tracker;
✓ Weekly Meal Plan Grocery List;
✓ Daily Planner (variations: Daily Journal, Daily To Do list, Daily Meeting Notes, Daily Gratitude Journal, Dated Dot Grid Journal, Ruled Journal, Graph Journal, Sketchbook).


✓ Goal Action Plan;
✓ Goals Overview;
✓ My Goal & Action Steps;
✓ SMART Goal;
✓ Wheel of Life;
✓ Level 10 Life;
✓ Priority Matrix;
✓ Habit Trackers.


✓ Finance Yearly Overview;
✓ Yearly Bills;
✓ Savings Tracker;
✓ Visual Savings Tracker;
✓ 52 Week Savings;
✓ Visual Debt Tracker;
✓ Debt Snowball Tracker;
✓ No Spend Challenge;
✓ Sinking Funds Tracker;
✓ Monthly Household Budget.


✓ Pomodoro Planner;
✓ Pomodoro Task Tracker;
✓ Current Tasks;
✓ Personal Tasks;
✓ Time Tracker.


✓ Work Time Log;
✓ Employee Work Schedule;
✓ Social Media Planner;
✓ Social Media Accounts;
✓ Social Media Stats.


✓ Project Plan;
✓ Project Notes;
✓ Timeline;
✓ ToDos/Progress;
✓ Budget;
✓ Kanban Board;
✓ Meeting Notes.


✓ Self-Care Checklist;
✓ Travel Itinerary;
✓ Routines Tracker;
✓ My SWOT;
✓ Relaxation Techniques;
✓ My Happy Place.


✓ Workout Tracker;
✓ Body Tracker;
✓ Running/Walking Tracker;
✓ Steps Plot Graph;
✓ Sleep Tracker.

⭐ MEAL ⭐

✓ Weekly Meal Plan;
✓ Grocery List.


✓ Dot Grid;
✓ Ruled Grid;
✓ Square Grid;
✓ Sketchbook.


✓ Reading List;
✓ Password log.

Enjoy the interlinked structure of the planner, clickable tabs, and buttons, and use the planner to plan and organize your tasks, appointments, meetings, and chores.

*Portrait/Landscape, Right-handed/Left-handed modes are available.
*Choosing start month & Sunday/Monday week start formats are available.

⭐ How to order a digital planner?
Step 1: Add an item to your cart
Step 2: Choose your payment method and complete a purchase
Step 3: Once you make your payment, you’ll receive a link to download your planner. These files will also become available via this link: https://www.etsy.com/your/purchases
Step 4: Using the link, you’ll be able to customize your planner and edit it so it meets your needs
Step 5: Download your digital planner file, open it via Supernote tablet and enjoy planning.

✏️ DEAR CUSTOMERS, our shop does not give consultations on the usage of SuperNote tablets.
We offer a PDF file with a digital planner that you can download and use on a SuperNote device.

🚨 If you have any difficulties, we recommend the following:
1. Study in detail the manual of your device.
2. See examples of video instructions you can find on the web.
3. Contact your device developer support.

⭐ Thank you for making a purchase from EvoPrintables. We always strive to make our store better.
✏️ So, if you have any thoughts, questions, or comments we would appreciate you sharing them in the comment feed or via private message.

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