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2023 2024 Ultimate Digital Planner | Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Planner, iPad Planner, Hyperlinked Planner, Goodnotes Planner, Notability

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Make the most out of your day with our digital planner! Our planners include a variety of templates to help organize those stressful days and stop procrastination. The entire planner is hyperlinked with easy navigation to return to any page without the overwhelming feeling of clutter. We created templates for lifestyle, health & fitness, wellness, productivity, and finances! Starting digital planning has never been easier! With our easy customization feature, you can now start digital planning in less than a minute! Choose from 6 unique color tabs, 5 weekly layouts, and 3 daily layout options! This planner also includes bonus pages such as 90+ gratitude ideas and an affirmation list to help you exert the positive benefits practicing gratitude has on productivity!


▸ 2023 + 2024 Digital Planners (Sunday and Monday Start option)
▸ 90+ Front Covers
▸ 5 Weekly Layouts (boxed, vertical, horizontal, multi (time-block/horizontal) & time-block)
▸ 3 Daily Layouts (original, wellness, minimalist)
▸ 6 Color tabs (latte, black, blush, snow, tropical & prism)
▸ 7,000+ PNG organized pre-cropped stickers
▸ 1,500+ Goodnotes Sticker Book


▸ Yearly Overview
▸ Monthly Overview with hyperlinked next month’s mini calendar
▸ Weekly Pages with hyperlinked mini monthly calendar
▸ Daily Pages with a clickable banner to return to Weekly Layout
▸ Index page
▸ 12 hyperlinked notes section tab (includes 18 note paper templates)
▸ 4 hyperlinked tab for Daily Routine, Meal Planner, Project Progress, To-do List, and Weekly Routine
▸ 80+ templates (located on index page and monthly templates)
▸ Month-at-a-glance with hyperlinked monthly templates


Monthly Templates (for each month):
▸ Monthly Reflection
▸ Monthly Budget
▸ Monthly Mood Tracker
▸ Monthly One Line a Day Tracker
▸ Monthly Sleep Tracker
▸ Monthly Habit Tracker
▸ Monthly Mind Map
▸ Monthly Goals Page
▸ Monthly Review Page

▸ Bucket List
▸ Birthdays
▸ Cleaning
▸ Contacts
▸ Dream Tracker
▸ Event Planner
▸ Grocery List
▸ Outfit Planner
▸ Password Log
▸ Trip Planner
▸ Yearly Tracker

Health & Fitness:
▸ Body Measurement
▸ Meal Planner
▸ Medication Log
▸ Mindful Eating
▸ Period Log
▸ Recipe Planner
▸ Running Log
▸ Step Tracker
▸ Workout Log

▸ Book Review
▸ Bookshelf
▸ Challenge
▸ Daily Routine
▸ Gratitude Journal
▸ Movie Review
▸ Positive Thinking
▸ Reading Journal
▸ Reading Log
▸ To Watch
▸ Weekly Gratitude
▸ Weekly Review
▸ Weekly Routine
▸ Wheel of Life
▸ Year in Pixels

▸ Brain Dump
▸ Decision List
▸ Focus Goal
▸ Meeting Minutes
▸ Pomodoro Tracker
▸ Priority Matrix
▸ 9 Project Planner pages (could be duplicated)
▸ Project Progress (hyperlinked to access Project Planner pages)
▸ Time Log
▸ To-Do List
▸ Study Planner
▸ Vision Board

▸ Bill Tracker
▸ Debt Tracker
▸ Expense Tracker
▸ Finance Overview
▸ Holiday Gifting
▸ Income Tracker
▸ Online Shopping
▸ Savings Tracker
▸ Subscription & Membership Tracker
▸ Weekly Expenses
▸ Wishlist
▸ 30-Day Challenge

(Templates can be duplicated, easily copy and paste, or deleted)


(no physical product will be shipped, this is a digital item/instant download)

▸ 1 PDF with direct access to all planner files, including:

– 2023 & 2024 planners
– 6 Tab Color option (black, blush, latte, snow, tropical, and prism)
– Sunday & Monday Start
– 5 Weekly Layouts (box, vertical, time-block, horizontal, & multi (time block/horizontal)
– 3 Daily Layouts (original, wellness, minimalist)
– 90+ Front covers
– Pre-cropped Stickers
– Goodnotes Sticker book
– Youtube tutorial links on how to set up your new planner


Devices compatible with our planners:
▸ any Apple device (iPad, iPhone, & Mac books)
▸ any Android device (tablet, computer, etc.)
▸ any Microsoft device (surface, tablet, computer, etc.)

Apps compatible with our planners:

▸ Goodnotes app (available on any IOS device)
▸ Notability app (available on any IOS device)
▸ Noteshelf (available on IOS and Android)
▸ Xodo app (available universally on IOS, Android,
and Microsoft)
▸ Kilonotes app (available on any IOS device)
▸ Samsung Notes (available on any IOS device)

* some of these apps can sync across devices (EX: Goodnotes, Noteshelf, etc.)


1. Click the Add to Cart button found on the listing page for the item you want to buy
2. Under How You’ll Pay, indicate how you want to pay for the item
3. Click the Proceed to Checkout button
4. To access your digital files, go to Your Account > Purchases and reviews and look for the order
5. To the right of the order, click Download Files
6. Read the instructions on how to import the digital files into your device

To make links work the “Read Only Button” needs to be selected for apps like Goodnotes, Notability, Noteshelf, etc.


▸ Our planners are designed for those who strive when they’re organized and have time management. If you ever feel like there is never enough time for everything, then it’s time to start scheduling your time efficiently
▸ With our daily pages, you can plan your day as a whole, without the constant stress of going randomly about your day without a plan or guidance.
▸ You can start scheduling your plan and look at your day as a whole, and stop procrastinating on the important projects
▸ Our planner includes project templates that will help in setting specific due dates for each task and giving you a scope of when the project will be completed and keeping you on track, encouraging you to move on to the next task effectively
▸ Keep your records on the track, and make more time for activities and less time for stress. Hours of work have been put into curating the perfect life planner for you!


Due to the nature of the item being digital and for instant download, no refunds or cancellation is available.

If you need help please ask and I will message you instantly back, either by Etsy or email (info@digitalplannerstart.com)

This item is for personal use and cannot be resold, altered, distributed, or used for any commercial purposes.

Copyright © 2023 Digital Planner Start


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