Pleyana gives beauty and youth ❀ Newscosmetology

More and more women are turning to professional cosmetics for their face and body. This allows you to stay beautiful and young longer. Among the numerous domestic and foreign manufacturers, it is worth paying attention to the Swiss brand of professional cosmetics Pleyana. The company produces high-quality face and body care cosmetics not only for beauty salons, but also for home use.


The company began its work in 2006, when it began to produce its products for professional care. She cooperates with the cosmetology and medical fields: many companies directly order professional cosmetics in bulk.

For the production of cosmetics, the Swiss brand uses natural and organic ingredients that can nourish the skin and restore its vitality. Using the latest technologies and equipment for the production of cosmetic products, the company carefully selects and studies all the ingredients, ingredients and their effectiveness. The main function of cosmetics has become its own restoration of skin metabolic processes and its regeneration, thanks to which, after a short time, according to Pleyana reviews, you can notice the result of skin rejuvenation and healing.

Brand products

The company is working on the production of various professional lines for the face and body.

Pleyana creams and other products of the company make extensive use of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which directly work to improve the appearance.

The brand has its own catalog, where you can get acquainted with all the presented products in detail. In addition to light daily cosmetics, in the catalog you can find special products that help to recover from cosmetic procedures and surgery, as well as other adverse effects on the skin of the face and body.

The line of cosmetics is very diverse, which allows any woman to choose what she needs. For example, hypoallergenic products are suitable for skin with hypersensitivity to certain components. Interestingly, the products are most often suitable for any type of skin. This distinguishes cosmetics from other manufacturers.

Professional cosmetics Pleyana creates special kits for beauty masters, which include all the necessary tools for their work: chemical peels, serums, masks and others.

Sunscreens are a specially created complex of substances in the composition of products that actively protect and moisturize the skin.

Product Benefits

According to buyers and their feedback on cosmetics, its advantages have been formed:

  • Wide range of products. The company is constantly in search of new solutions, creating new product lines for the beauty of the face and body.
  • The use of only safe and natural ingredients in cosmetics, research and testing of their effectiveness.
  • The possibility of using professional cosmetics not only in beauty salons, but also at home.
  • Cosmetics are able to start the processes of skin restoration, which work even after the end of the application of the product.
  • The high demand for products motivates the company to create large volumes of lines to provide goods to everyone.

Thus, Pleyana cosmetics has only one drawback – its cost. Not having time to evaluate the effect of her lines, many buyers find cosmetics cheaper.

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