“Permacrisis” is the main word of 2022: who defined it and why.

Some companies are already starting to sum up the results of the year. The editors of the Collins English Dictionary also set themselves this goal, having determined the main word of this year. They became the term “permacrisis”, which comes from two words – “permanent” and “crisis”. Also in the release, its more detailed designation is given – “a long period of instability and lack of security.”

By the way, the editors did not come up with “permacrisis”. This word was first mentioned back in the 1970s, but these days it has become popular again. Philologists say that in 2022 it began to be used more often both in speech and in the media.

“Language can be a mirror of what happens in society and the world, and this year has been one challenge after another,” said Alex Beecroft, managing director of Collins Learning.

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