Papules after biorevitalization – how long do they last

Cosmetic procedures are aimed at eliminating signs of aging or skin defects, each of the methods has its own characteristics. For example, after biorevitalization, papules resembling subcutaneous tubercles remain on the face for several days. Recovery takes 2 to 10 days. What determines the duration of the rehabilitation period – we will understand in detail.


How is biorevitalization done?

The biorevitalization procedure is addressed starting from the age of 25-30. The main goal of cosmetic manipulation is to replenish the natural reserves of hyaluronic acid. The older the woman, the more difficult it is to eliminate the problem of lack of collagen and elastin. At the same time, biorevitalization does not belong to the category of rejuvenation methods. The procedure acts as a preventive measure that can delay the aging of the skin, keep it smooth, even and beautiful for a long time.

The main indications for biorevitalization:

  • Dry skin, devoid of firmness and elasticity by nature;
  • Changes associated with age;
  • Correction of defects;
  • Pigmentation of the skin on the face;
  • Enlarged pores or spider veins;
  • Restoration of the skin after injuries, accidents, replacement therapy.

The procedure guarantees the result. After 2-4 sessions, you can count on improving the general condition of the skin, leveling the relief, reducing fine expression lines.

The process of biorevitalization of the face

Advantages of the method:

  • The injection acts only at the cellular level, without affecting the hormonal background, without interfering with the functioning of the body systems;
  • There is no need to prepare for the procedure in advance;
  • There is no pain during the session;
  • The result is noticeable after 1-2 visits to the beautician;
  • There are almost no contraindications.

The only complication that cosmetologists warn about before biorevitalization is redness, the appearance of characteristic bumps on the face and the occurrence of irritation. As a rule, papules after biorevitalization pass without leaving a trace 72 hours after the administration of the drug.

The procedure itself consists of several stages:

  1. Examination of the face and selection of a biorevitalizant preparation;
  2. Application of anesthesia;
  3. Introduction of the chosen means;

The drug is administered manually or using a hardware method. The essence of any of the selected methods is the introduction of a calculated volume of hyaluronic acid into the skin. The main practical stage of biorevitalization lasts from 30 to 60 minutes:

  1. First, the beautician carefully removes cosmetics from the face;
  2. Then treats the skin with antiseptic agents;
  3. Makes anesthesia;
  4. Re-treats the skin with antiseptic agents;
  5. Introduces drugs in the chosen way;
  6. Apply post-treatment cream.

After the end of the session, special anti-inflammatory agents are applied to the skin.

Biorevitalization of the face

Why do papules appear

A feature of biorevitalization is the artificial creation of small papules on the face. Manual and hardware processing involves the use of papular or micro papular techniques. This means that the skin is stabbed at a certain angle, and after the injection of the drug, a tubercle, or papule, forms on the surface.

Papules after injections

A small amount of hyaluronic acid is retained under the top layer of the skin, which gradually dissolves and at the same time produces a powerful moisturizing effect.

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