Outdated makeup: what trends went out of fashion in 2021

Every woman wants to be fashionable, modern and beautiful. To do this, it is important to follow new trends and timely abandon outdated makeup techniques.


Properly selected shades and texture of lipsticks can work wonders. But having made a mistake with the color of the lips, the girls run the risk of making their image faded or vulgarly repulsive.

To match the face

The nude color palette has gained unprecedented popularity in makeup.

Lipstick that matches the skin tone was instantly bought up on the market by modern fashionistas. Today, nude shades on the lips spoil the female image, making it dull and lifeless. If you don’t want to look like a pale moth, then get rid of the lipstick that matches your skin color.

doll glitter

Many girls dreamed of being like Barbie and, having matured, some of them did not part with this dream. Wanting to recreate the doll look, the girls began to use a glossy pink lip gloss. In the “zero” such makeup was at the peak of fashion, but now it is an anti-trend that should be left in the past. The sticky mirror coating has long been replaced by creamy matte textures.


Mother-of-pearl lipstick, although it adds audacity to the female image, it also visually ages the girls. Shiny textures are in fashion now, and shiny, iridescent lips are an outdated makeup trend.

Mother-of-pearl is relevant only if you are going to a themed party dedicated to the “nineties”.


Some girls wear makeup so well that when they wash off their makeup, they become different people. A lot of foundation on the face, bronzer, light powder are outdated makeup options. Naturalness is in trend today, so try not to turn your face into a painted canvas.

Thick layer of foundation

Teenagers use foundation to hide acne and uneven skin. But a heavy layer of cream turns the face into an unnatural mask that looks terrible.

The tonal base is clogged into folds, so that even small wrinkles become noticeable.

Makeup artists recommend not to cover up the errors with a thick layer, but to correct them with the help of special moisturizers with a toning effect.


A radiant tanned face looks fresh and beautiful. But various circumstances do not always allow girls to go to warm cities and countries to soak up the hot sun. You have to pamper your face with a tan effect with makeup. Not all women understand that bronzer is an outdated makeup product. A beautiful face looks only in photographs taken under the right lighting and from a good angle. And if you have to communicate with people, then they will definitely see that the tan is fake.

Light shade of powder

Aristocratic pallor prevailed over adherents of artificial tan. Chasing fashion, girls often go to extremes and apply too light a shade of powder on their faces. The result is deplorable: instead of fashionable make-up, you get a make-up of a Japanese geisha. Monochrome white tone makes the face flat and unnatural. And sometimes bad makeup creates the effect, as if you were smeared with flour in the process of making a cake.

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