Orange tapioca is a delicious and healthy dessert from Palace Merano Chef.

Günter Pirhofer, chef of one of the most famous wellness hotels in the world, Palace Merano, shares with a recipe for delicious orange tapioca and also talks about its beneficial properties.

The benefits of orange are also huge. This is a low-calorie fruit with a high content of water, simple sugars and fiber, it contains vitamins and mineral salts: potassium (good for the cardiovascular system), calcium and phosphorus (good for bones and teeth), vitamin A (good for eyesight, makes skin more beautiful, and immunity is stronger), vitamin C (has antioxidant and rejuvenating effects).

In addition, orange improves digestion due to the content of citric acid. The fiber under the orange peel not only regulates the absorption of sugars,
fats and proteins, but also improves bowel function. The only point: you should refrain from eating this fruit with allergies, increased acidity of the stomach or reflux.

Ingredients (for 4 persons):

  • 40 g tapioca pearls,
  • 100 ml orange juice,
  • 1 st. l. agave syrup.


1. Bring orange juice to a boil and add tapioca.

2. Cook for 7-8 minutes, then add the agave syrup.

3. Cool completely and refrigerate.

4. Decorate to taste.

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