Oily sheen on the face, how to remove and reduce sebum

The dream of getting rid of oily sheen on the face is familiar to many. During the summer holidays, this can ruin the created image. Proper care can minimize unpleasant manifestations.

Signs of oily skin

The appearance of a greasy sheen is associated with excessive activity of the glands, which began to produce a large amount of sebum. The following points may indicate this skin problem:

  • Enlarged pores;
  • The presence in the T-zone and other areas of black dots;
  • Negative changes in facial tone;
  • Irregularities of the skin relief;
  • Abundance of redness, inflammation.

Cosmetics are not always able to cope with negative manifestations.

What causes shine

There are several main reasons that contribute to the appearance of oily skin. This can be provoked by:

  • Climate change causing dehydration, heat, high solar activity;
  • Incorrect selection of care cosmetics, which increases greasiness, excessive use of creams with an oil base;
  • Vitamin deficiency or malnutrition, emphasis on spicy or fatty foods;
  • Hormonal disorders associated with pregnancy, menopause, oral contraceptives;
  • Diseases of the internal organs, most often an imbalance of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • stress, lack of sleep;
  • genetic predisposition.
what causes oily sheen

Improper care of oily skin can also be a key factor due to which the efficiency of the sebaceous glands increases and more sebum is produced. Beauticians recommend replacing creams with light serums and cleansing with soft scrubs or peels.

How to care for oily skin

Unpleasant oily sheen can occur only in the chin, nose, forehead. Such a case is considered a combined type, and this should be taken into account when choosing cosmetics for care. There are also general recommendations.


Once or twice a week, you need a deep cleansing with gentle peels and scrubs. It is not recommended to resort to such measures more often, it is easy to push the glands to greater activity.

Avoid lye or antibacterial soaps. Twice a day – in the morning and at night – cleaning should be done with gels or foams, applying them to the sponge and performing gentle massaging movements. After the product is washed off with warm water, and the skin is treated with a lotion with zinc oxide, salicylic acid or facial tonic. Do not use hot water for washing, which provokes increased production of sebum.

We tone up

To restore the normal level of skin acidity, lotions and tonics are used. These products may contain zinc and salicylic acid. The first helps to regulate sebum and effectively mattifies, the second reduces the manifestations of inflammation and prevents the reproduction of pathogenic microflora.


In the evening, care procedures are carried out an hour or half an hour before going to bed. The abundance of moisture pushes the glands to work harder, so it is recommended to choose creams with a matting effect, specialized gels that have a light texture.

In winter, such funds are applied an hour before leaving the house, so as not to provoke dehydration.

skin hydration

Of the masks, it is desirable to use with the content of plant extracts, oils and including antibacterial complexes. Homemade fresh vegetables are also suitable for moisturizing.

Common mistakes

Cleansing, matting, well-chosen cosmetics can reduce the amount of inflammation, remove black spots and oily sheen. If the problem continues to bother, you need to check if there are any mistakes in care.

Improper cleansing

Frequent washing, the use of active alkaline and antibacterial agents provoke the sebaceous glands to work with a vengeance. You need to wash yourself with the use of gentle means and no more than twice a day. It is not recommended to use chlorhexidine or lotions that contain alcohol. Violating the natural level of skin acidity with these drugs, you can achieve the opposite of what you want.

cloth towel

Bacteria can grow on the surface of the fabric. Do not wipe your face with a rough towel. Use special napkins with a matting effect or dry paper, blot the skin gently without rubbing.

Hot water

For cleansing, choose a warm or slightly cool temperature so that there are no unwanted effects. Washing with scalding water pushes the sebaceous glands to produce more secretions to protect against negative effects.

Scrubs and remedies for blackheads

Abuse of hard peels and other aggressive cleansing cosmetics will not lead to the desired result. The sebum will only get bigger. In order not to provoke inflammation, you need to clean it with gentle acid-based products and without coarse abrasive particles.

Neglect of sun protection

Direct sunlight does not have a positive effect, they cause dehydration.

neglect of sun protection

Active UV radiation causes the skin to thicken the stratum corneum, and more sebum accumulates under the dead part, which clogs pores and causes inflammation. Sunscreen will help prevent this.

Useful tips to reduce shine

To keep skin prone to oily sheen in a healthy state, you should use the recommendations of cosmetologists: abandon foundation and oily night products. There are also other important aspects.

Exfoliation of dead cells

Cosmetics with salicylic acid or other hydroxy acids help maintain the pH at a normal level (5.5), as well as remove the stratum corneum of the epidermis in a timely manner. The latter is important to prevent the accumulation of sebum and the development of inflammation.

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