Non-ablative rejuvenation with AZOR Fraxor ❀ Newscosmetology

Laser rejuvenation is an opportunity to remove the first signs of aging in just a few sessions, to make the skin more toned. This is a worthy alternative for patients who do not dare to undergo plastic surgery, as well as the best way to deal with the first wrinkles.

Why non-ablative laser skin resurfacing is popular

The basis of this technique is the thermal effect on the tissue. As a result, collagen conformation occurs: the fibers contract, tightening the skin, making it smoother and more youthful. In addition, the procedure promotes the formation of new capillaries. Thanks to this, tissues are better supplied with oxygen and nutrients, and toxins begin to be more actively removed. This creates optimal conditions for cell renewal.

Non-ablative rejuvenation is a non-traumatic procedure. There is no need for special rehabilitation. After the session, patients can go about their business and immediately return to their normal lives.

Apparatus for non-ablative rejuvenation Fraxor

The Fraxor device, made in Russia, is used not only for rejuvenation, but also for the treatment of pigmentation, scars, post-acne, melasma. Its effectiveness has been proven by rich practical experience in cosmetology clinics.

Fraxor apparatus

The manufacturer of the device, Azor, used a unique technology that promotes even distribution of energy. This not only ensures maximum efficiency, comfort, but also prevents burns during the procedure.

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