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No more “kissed lips”: this spring, makeup artists advise “drawing” the arch of Cupid like Marlene Dietrich. BEAUTYHACK

Lip makeup trends are constantly changing. Last year, many stars and bloggers drew a straight line on the upper lip and made an accent of color in the center of the lips, blending lipstick to the edges. This beauty hack was called the “ombre” or “kissed lips” effect. But in the spring of 2023, everything changes: now makeup artists offer to draw a clear outline, paying attention to Cupid’s arch. Also, the shade on the lips should be as even as possible. For inspiration, you can take the stars of the 1920s and 30s. For example, Clara Bow and Marlene Dietrich.

“The trend is to create a defined lip shape and one color and the obligatory highlight of the Cupid’s arch,” explains Michelle Clark, global makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics, according to PopSugar.

Clark also adds that the first time such makeup was used in the Golden Age of Hollywood, so this trend is not new.

When creating lips in the spirit of Marlene Dietrich, it is important to use a pencil and lipstick in the same shade. At the same time, the makeup artist advises choosing classic red and burgundy tones. But the texture can be any – both matte and glossy.

And one more feature – to focus only on the lips. You can apply nude shadows on the eyelids, and voluminous mascara on the eyelashes. Another option is not to paint the eyes at all. We saw similar makeup at recent Chanel shows (see Here) and Ulla Johnson (we attach a photo in this article).



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